University Education Makes You a Better Citizen

University education has many benefits for you and society. It is crucial in eradicating poverty and fostering the growth of the individual and educational system. University education includes both public and private institutions.

Higher education is necessary to build, and it creates a strong foundation for your career. The UAE is known for its state-of-the-art universities that provide high-quality education and research in line with international standards. There are private and public institutions; however, private universities outnumber their public counterparts. Most private universities are internationally accredited, which make them ideal for international students who want to study in the UAE.

Why You Should Consider Studying in the UAE

It can be challenging to find a university to pursue higher education. It is necessary to evaluate your goals and do research before choosing an institution. Students who pursue higher education in the UAE, not only receive a high-quality education, but the institutions are accredited and regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Universities in the UAE have enough resources and extensive facilities. Both local and international universities are well-equipped to provide the best learning resources. This gives you enough knowledge and skills for the job market.

One of the benefits of studying in the UAE is the opportunity to get real-life experience through internships. These opportunities allow you to put theory into practice. It also gives you a glimpse into what it is like working in the UAE.

How Higher Education Makes You a Better Citizen

Higher Education Makes You a Better Citizen

We pursue higher education to make our lives better, but did you know that it also helps society.

Here are ways in which university education makes you a better citizen;

Low Crime Rate

Higher education helps to reduce crime rates because educated people are likely to understand and adhere to the law. An educated person acts on logic and not superstitions or impulse. University education makes you more productive; this gives you a better chance in the job market and boosts your wages.

Studying at a university in Dubai gives you a competitive edge in the market and allows you to get better employment and high wages.

An educated individual also weighs the consequences of committing crimes and decide not to engage in such activities. Most people who commit crimes, although not all, are school dropouts.

National Development

Pursuing higher education at a university in Dubai makes you an all-round individual. You grow emotionally, socially, physically, aesthetically, spiritually, and morally. It isn’t easy to develop a society without growing the individual first.

Individual development includes various qualities such as confidence, self-sufficiency, decency, devotion to duty, discipline, promoting social and ethical values, promoting social efficiency, and national unity. Therefore, higher education helps you to grow and to acquire qualities necessary for societal development. Education transforms individuals economically, socially, and culturally.

Development of Talents

The most effective way of developing society is to nurture individual talents and virtues. Sophisticated skills, an awakened mind, a desirable attitude, and the right knowledge are key to developing society. Education helps unravel your talents so you can use them to help yourself and others in the nation. Various programs in university education help you to realize and use your talents. Instructors also advise and help you to harness the power of your talents.


Higher education increases productivity by equipping individuals with the latest science and technology knowledge and skills. Education and productivity have to be linked to increasing national income.

Employees also seek educated workers, and they also pay higher wages because education signifies more knowledge and skills. This is because education is a guarantee that an individual qualifies to work.

Employees emphasize on education because it leads to better performance and productivity. Although the education level of individuals doesn’t always guarantee that a business will perform better; however, businesses with better-educated employees do better. Although hiring talent is expensive, educated workers generate more income for a business.

Economic Development

When a society is educated, productivity increases, unemployment decreases, and income increases. This boosts a society’s economic growth and stability. University graduates receive higher salaries than individuals with university education.

Education directly impacts economic growth because it is crucial to improve human capital. An economy’s production ability is based on various factors, such as technology, physical capital, and the number and quality of workers. Quality is established by human capital (the stock of skills, knowledge, and habits). Increasing workers’ education level boosts human capital, thereby increasing productivity and the economy. The society also benefits from workers with university education because this increases technological innovation and better ways of working.

University education is crucial not only for you but also for society. Most people pursue higher education to get better lives without understanding that it also benefits the nation. Higher education makes you an all-round individual; it grows you mentally, physically, morally, spiritually, socially, and aesthetically. Education is crucial to a nation; that is why most governments emphasize education for their citizens.

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