Carpet Cleaning in 2020: The Ultimate Guide for Carpet Cleaning

Can you really imagine your lives without carpets? From keeping your feet insulated from cold tiles, concrete or marble floors, from making your rooms more cozy by adding some comfortable carpets for you and your guests to sit on to adding some decorations to your houses for pleasing atmosphere. Carpets breathe life to your snug homes and without them, the places seem to be incomplete.

Since carpets and rugs became mandatory members of every household, Sofa Carpet Cleaning, Dubai presents you amazing useful tips to take proper care of your carpets. Now, instead of spending hundreds of dirhams to buy new carpets, mattresses, rugs and floor covers to decorate, cover and beautify the floors of your house, you can always refurbish the old, discolored carpets like brand new ones with this simple yet magical guide!

Let us face an embarrassing fact. We are not always careful. In addition, when we are not, spilling happens. Carpets are the accident magnets! An unfortunate splash from a cup of coffee, a child artist drawing on the carpets or your pets are too fond of playing outdoors. Stains are inevitable. But worry not! We are here with some enchanting home remedies for cleaning carpets:

  • Dismiss with Detergent Solution – Why sweat when Finish or LUX is a permanent element of your home? Mix one-fourth teaspoon of dishwashing detergent liquid into a cup full of lukewarm water. Use a white cloth to dip into this DIY mixture and rub it on the stain.
  • Vanish with Vinegar Solution – Ever wondered that kitchen ingredients could be useful to remove spots too? All you need to do is to pour white vinegar (one cup) into another cup of lukewarm water. Dip the cloth and apply it directly over the stain.
  • Solve the splotch with Solvent Solution – Makeup lover? Then nail polish remover is a can’t-do-without item, right? But who would have thought that this could be a brilliant DIY cleaner? Just pour some of the spirit into a clean cloth and put it over the stain.
  • Chemical cleansing by Ammonia Solution – We keep ammonia in our household for multiple purposes. Moreover, that never disappointed us. Another excellent use of ammonia – mix a tablespoon of clear ammonia into one and a half cup of lukewarm water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it directly on the stains.

These four mentioned solutions are absolutely the best and can be used on both synthetic fibres as well as natural fibre carpets and rugs except for ammonia solution, which is only to be used for the latter category of carpets.

These solutions are used to treat all possible types of stains. They remove stains of foods such as ketchup, juice, tea, coffee, wine, soda, milk, berries, beer, butter, eggnog, cooking oil, etc. Other spots include muddy footprints, nail polish, crayons, lipsticks, ink, permanent marker and such. Just follow these simple steps and your carpets are ready to be floored again!

  1. Put some ice cubes over the stain in order to extract the mark or the spot from it.
  2. Dip any white or clean cloth into any of the mixture and dab that repeatedly over the stain. Then press that damp cloth over the spot for a few seconds. Leave it there for 15 minutes to absorb the liquid. Then dry it with clean and white cloth.
  3. Another efficient way to remove stains is to use the mixture in spray bottles. Spray over the affected area until it has sufficiently covered the stain. Then blot that area with a dry and clean cloth. Leave it there for a few Then dab the area with a dry cloth.
  4. Vacuum the area every time after the process to ensure that no other substance makes it dirty.
  5. Repeat the process until you see the spot lightening and disappearing.

The carpet cleaning tips and techniques brought to you by Sofa Carpet Cleaning Dubai therefore have made your life easier. With these DIY cleaning approaches, you will be able to save money to buy new things and, at the same time, your carpet lives longer!

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