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Dubai Desert Safari – A Paradise to Roam Around

We all have heard “Visiting Dubai and its deserts is a lifetime experience”. Indeed, Dubai is a hypnotizing land to go and dive into extreme fun of architecture, natural beauty, amazing culture. The list of offerings of Dubai is simply never-ending and you cannot get over it real soon after visiting. Delicious food, nature taking care of business, entertainment at its best and what else you can expect from your perfect holiday? Mentioning Dubai without desert safari is really unfair. A Dubai desert safari offers the astonishing sights of the dunes as well as interacting with outdoor activities for ultimate entertainment.

Desert Safari Camp Show

Various safaris to choose from

Yes, my dear traveler, you can enjoy the view of stunning sights of orange sunset in the desert. Or, either you can choose to see an intriguing and peaceful sunrise on a morning desert safari. You can get a chance to spend a beautiful night in the Bedouin camp with some spectacular and entertaining shows on an overnight desert safari. Whatever you choose, it is going to be too awesome to consider a lifetime opportunity.

Dubai desert safari is not just a holiday but a privilege to be away from all the daily chores and a life full of hassles. This is going to impress you to the core and you will gladly come back.

Go with versatile companionship

This experience is not just meant for honeymoon couples or a group of adventure enthusiasts. Literally, anyone can go to the dunes of Dubai and explore its vastness. Falling in love is equally possible and easy for all age groups. This idea of getaway or vacation is ideal for the families, friends, travel groups, solo travelers and the list goes on. Once you are there with any companion or more than one accompaniment, there is no chance you would like to come back until you thoroughly see the whole desert, Arabic culture, the beautiful sights of Dubai, Dhow cruising and much more.

Be adventurous with outdoor sports

Who doesn’t do camel riding while being in Dubai desert safari? We all would love to get this experience and would be keen to know this only ancient means of transportation for Arab people. You can ask for tales from locals about how their ancestors used to be in love with Camel and its immense support for their commutes. This is one of the aspects of being in the dunes and getting to know the Arab culture in a better way. Apart from this, there is a whole extraordinary thrill awaiting you. Dune bashing is something that is a compulsory ride for the visitors to deserts. You can do it with a bunch of your loved ones in a 4×4 giant vehicle with all the graceful views around. You will be amazed to be introduced to rare wildlife species on your way and clicking pictures are like cherries on the top. Those irregular desert terrains can convince you to be even wilder to enjoy to the core. Then, there would be quad biking, which is like a modern-tech fun with all the demands of an adventure seeker. You have to be 18 plus for these activities for the safety concerns and rest everything is simply out of the box. You cannot tell how amazing is it until you actually sitting on it in the middle of the vast desert! Then there is a hot air balloon ride that is going to take you to cloud nine experience. You are going to love the red sand dunes from the above.

Are you seeking a simply extreme thrill? Dubai desert safari has got you covered as it has dirt bike experience too. That is not just an adventure but simply extreme off-roading amazement. You gotta try this to get some goosebumps, but again you need to be an adult to get into this bike. There are also training sessions for these things to help the visitor to avoid anything unexplored.

Bedouin camps for a luxury amusement

Desert Safari Camp

Are you inspired by the rich culture and lavish lifestyle of Arab people? Do you wish to know them closely? You should get yourself an ultimate excursion of Bedouin camps that offers peace, entertainment, amazing food, and nostalgia. People of the United Arab Emirates will tell you tales of ancient times and will let you try some of their traditional clothes. How great it would be to get some beautiful pictures while you will be wearing traditional Arab clothes? Interesting right? Also, the belly dancing show and Tanoura show will keep you interested throughout your stay. You can see some fire shows also while you will enjoying mouth-watering delicacies of Arab traditions. We mean this is something you cannot afford to miss while being in Dubai.

Get ready steady Go to the dunes of Dubai

Honestly, we know Desert Safari Dubai has an endless list to offer and entertain its visitors. So, when are you joining in and paying a visit here? To get more updates and know the best time to visit here, do write to us. Thanks for reading. We wish you a happy vacation in the dunes super soon.

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