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A day layover in Dubai & Abu Dhabi , What to see in 10 hours.

Are you in need of some useful information regarding how to spend a day with family in 1 full day layover? If yes, here we will share our personal experience of 1 day layover which might be helpful for you.

Below are some helpful tips you shall consider before depart from your home country and include it in your bucket list to make your journey in Dubai UAE easier.

Getting Dubai Airport Transfer:

Airport Transportation

Dubai airport is one of the busiest airport in middle east and you will find a huge rush of travelers departing and landing. The airport consist of 3 Terminals : Terminal 1, 2 & 3, So consider prior before arranging your Dubai Airport Transfer services according to which terminal you are landing and which option of transport is suitable for you.

In all terminals there are 3 type of transportation options available. The most cheapest airport transfers option is Public transport buses which will cost you just 10 AED per head but these buses routes are spacific and going on some static routes which might not going straight to your booked hotel.

The second option is Airport taxi: Airport taxi can accommodate max 4 people with 2 or 3 tinny luggage and it will cost you approx 150 AED for within Dubai city drop off.

The 3rd option is: Airport transfer by private vehicles: Its one of the best airport transport option for big family with luggage and especially with kids and its even hassle free.

In our UAE day layover we approach one transport company based in Dubai online and booked bigger van for Dubai Airport transfer to hotel drop off for check in which cost us 500 AED.

We have found the private transport services great as the driver reach on time to airport and coordinate with us very professionally at Airport pickup time and escort us safely to our hotel and even the driver help in carrying our luggages too.

So, as per our experience book private airport transfer prior to depart to eliminate the hassle of finding ride at Dubai Airport and avoid unnecessary delay.

What to see in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Best Places to visit. A personal experience:

UAE all cities are really so beautiful and each city possess a unique taste of adventure and fun, but in our journey since we had a short layover in Dubai and we had to depart to home country so we choose to cover few locations in Dubai and few best locations in Abu Dhabi city.

Before planing to visit UAE with a big family for a short trip it’s favourable to schedule your own itinerary of Abu Dhabi city tour & Dubai tour and or contact UAE tour operator company who offer preplanned itinerary of both city.

Since we were not much aware about UAE top attractions so we booked Dubai & Abu Dhabi tour in advance with one tour operator firm which link mentioned above.

Our journey of Abu Dhabi & Dubai Sightseeing.

The tour operator company send the driver to our hotel located at Downtown Dubai on time. Our depart time from hotel toward Dubai local sightseeing starts around 10am.

The driver took us 1st to Dubai Gold Souq, the gold souq is a great place to buy luxury gold jewelery and costly stones etc.

We have bought some jewelry and come out from Gold Souq and driven toward our next spot Heritage Village.

Heritage Village is historical tourist attraction which showcasing the Arab Old culture and the way of their past life.

We spend around half hour in exploring Heritage and than head to Atlantis Dubai and then head to Dubai 7 star luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab for sightseeing, here we took some amazing pictures and walk around the hotel with family.

After ending from Burj Al Arab around sightseeing the driver took us to Blue Mosque and then Jumeirah Beach Dubai areas.

After spending some time at Jumeirah Beach we head straight toward Abu Dhabi since we had short time and wanted to explore more.

Visiting Abu Dhabi via Sheikh Zayed Road:

Sheik Zayed Mosque

The distance from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is approx 1 hour in 40 minutes by private vehicle. We start moving toward Abu Dhabi around 12pm and reach our 1st tourist attractions Ferrari World Abu Dhabi around 1.50pm for sightseeing.

We had a lunch at Ferrari World and spend sometime in seeing ferrari cars and head to My favourite religious and tourist attraction The Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi.

The grand Mosque consider one of the top visited place in Abu Dhabi and indeed the beauty of this amazing mosque deserve it.

We spend around 40 minutes in Abu Dhabi mosque and head to Abu Dhabi Heritage Village and then Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace for sightseeing and photo shoots.

After visiting Abu Dhabi city top tourist attractions we head back to Dubai hotel for check out and to take our luggage and head to Dubai Airport around 11pm at night.

The journey was really amazing and unforgettable, the kids and family enjoyed each minutes of this adventure trip.

If you have a day layover in Dubai so you can consider my personal experience highlighted above.

Also approaching best dubai travel agency can also help you to save your money and time!

Disclaimer: This is a guest post written by Individual Person. Views or Opinions are his personal expression only.

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