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A Day had in Dubai!!

It was an early morning, while I was thinking to give a visit to Arabian place. Morning tea! a dream to explore – a new fantasy! Once I was child, I am found of Arabian night story. Story book and TV cartoon programme was the only source of been entertainment. Arab and it’s Arabian night is very famous for its Camel and Desert. I took to read more about Arab and its following places.

Asia, Europe and North America is very popular with its places and very known with its modernization. But, my interest is to explore Middle East, it is been a kind of love and dream inside my life. When I got this love and interest, I was never been welcomed. People says it’s an advance and tourist destination with its Desert safari, Camel ride, Beaches, Palm trees etc. Date is famous fruit in Arab and date juice is a welcoming drink. Culture and festive are on Arabian night theme, which still not modernize with time. Some compare it to lost heritage and its upbring -a New Arab. Which is a new interesting attraction of People. I read and explore a lot of in Middle-East, but come up with the mind to visit Dubai, UAE; Modern Arab- A traveller’s city. Country of Emirati!

Guide in internet help’s a lot. City is been well exposed in there traveller know to before journey site. I have little idea about the Dubai and its people. A vacation need – a holiday from office and a backpack of my own things. Oh! journey starts to give a fly. It is a day, while I took morning tea, when suddenly got the wish, end the hesitation and got flight, Dubai.

What a beautiful morning! sun raises before I woke -up. A bright beautiful and cool weather. Hotel is just near Dubai Mall, Ibis. Ibis is an International Hotel for foreigner. Comfortable and Nice. I decided to rest for a day as of two-days travel. My city is Guwahati, Assam, North east of India. We don’t have direct flight to travel Dubai. My journey is been started two-days, Guwahati to kolkata, India staying overnight, early morning has next flight from Kolkata to Dubai – a 10 hours journey. A first fly alone to Dubai. Feeling an amazed by the insight of dream.

O’ morning is a buffet breakfast organised in hotel! Food is an interesting role in new place. Local and International traveller has to admit a nature change of tradition and culture exchange. Plate of Rajmah! Oh! God, it’s heavenly been as treat of Dubai. Indian bliss. Rajmah-Chawal, Heaven!!I took round of all dishes and o ‘ Awesome. Varities of dishes and different course of menu and drinks. Night, I tried there traditional Chicken Biriyani at night. Oh, ho! a treat of plate. Really! a welcome of Joy. A Happy day with a happy meal and nice weather. Staying was never been welcomed as Love of Your Place.

I asked tourist desk at hotel, to give a site visit of Dubai. Unfortunately, one a half of hours been left in my travel calendar. I known Prince Hamdan Bin Mohammed Rasid AL Maktoum, Fazza, Crown prince of Dubai! been resident of Zabeel Palace. As the fantasy of visiting King’s palace, Kingdom of Arbian, Arab. I took car’s to go Zabeel’s Palace from Hotel. Palace is not for tourist or traveler or Guest. Oh! I don’t have idea of that. I come back by seeing the palace outside of the touristor. Couldn’t see palace inside, oh, someday. But really! a nice palace, beautiful with garden and fountain. O’ time says it’s time to fly back to Home.

Got my flight back from Dubai International Airport to kolkata, India. 2 pm and waiting for check in at airport. It is explored, heart says, still more! Dubai is full of beautiful things to do see and done. Readed activities – sea beaches, desert safari, camel ride, Dubai miracle garden, Dubai frame, night life and roller-coaster rides are the no of most tourist attraction to bring Dubai. Beast! in comparison of its tallest buildings. I much not visited with a found of this tall Statute. Check In starts, boarding pass distributed. Took a window seat. Time says to say new day is coming and new hope, for left is. I will come back! a new dream again born in heart. Flight call! boarding announces, O’! hello Dubai. Back and see you soon.

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Namaste!! I am Jharana Rani Rabha, Born and rised by Guwahati, Assam, North East of India. I am 38 years old. Workes at Indian Institutes of Technology Guwahati. I do research work and go trip for International Conference for my published research Scientific paper. My specialization is Computer Vision. I am Master with Information Science from Manipal University, Manipal, India. Family, I have a son and he doing 10 standard now. My son is my life and I love my son very much. My world is small and my family is all for me. My dream to meet you, Prince Fazza live.

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