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Ride on! Roll on – Take a ride on Dubai Theme Parks

The desert land ‘DUBAI’ not only opens its gates for the camel riders but also for the people who love amusement, thrill, and fantabulous experiences. Dubai’s idea to attract its visitors does not end up in shopping malls and skyscrapers,but, there are also many fun-filling spots out there. Finding an OASIS in a desert is an achievement but seeing a theme park in this desert city is an amusement.

Now let’s directly move on to some of the popular theme parks and water parks located in Dubai. Get baffled to pick one from em’.


Motiongate Dubai

To pump your adrenaline, Dubai inaugurated a Hollywood inspired theme park in Dubai parks and resort, Dubai, on December 16, 2016. The first question arises in mind is “what does it mean A HOLLYWOOD based theme park?” Yes. This park showcases the attractions based on DREAMWORKS animation, COLUMBIA pictures, LIONSGATE, and THE SMURFS.

These attractions include Hollywood’s famous character SHREK, MADAGASCAR, KUNG FU PANDA, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON under DreamWorks animation; CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, ZOMBIELAND etc., under Columbia pictures and so on. These show cast a dark 3D ride named as HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, a roller-coaster named as movie THE GREEN HORNET: HIGH-SPEED CHANCE. It also has underworld 4D show that contains depiction which is not suitable for under age 15. MOTIONGATE DUBAI is packed with fun and thrilling experience which promises to give Hollywood experience.

Seasonal discounts and offers are available. But the TICKET normally varies into three categories;

  1. For the GCC residents: AED 165(including tax) for a day
  2. For visitors: AED 235(including tax) for a day
  3. Annual pass  AED 275

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IMG Worlds of Adventure

It is an indoor amusement park and takes the pride to be the Dubai’s first mega themed entertainment destination. This park is planned into four “epic zones” where the first two covers the global brand’s CARTOON NETWORK and MARVEL, while the other two are IMG BOULEVARD and THE LOST VALLEY- DINOSAUR ADVENTURE ZONES. They are the original concepts created by the IMG group. The attraction includes 17 themed rides, BEN 10: 5D hero time, the amazing ride of gumball, the Powerpuff girls. Cartoon network zone contains the world’s first 5D Ben 10 cinema and the largest Ben 10 store in the world. The lost valley includes animatronics dinosaurs and roller coasters. This really takes your kids and you back to history to give a detailed study of the dinosaurs. The IMG Boulevard includes The Haunted Hotel (Chill down your spine….).

Ticket ranges from:

  1. park admission + ultimate Fast Track AED 465
  2. Junior admission + Ultimate Fast Track AED 445
  3. Park admission + free buffet AED 260
  4. Junior admission + free buffet AED 240
  5. Senior citizen + free buffet AED 160
  6. VIP experience package AED 5245

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Legoland Dubai

This park themed mainly to attract kids and it is located at Dubai parks and resort, Dubai. Indeed, it is a theme based water park. It’s time to play with the giant legos (kids can’t swallow it accidentally, goodness!).The water park provides over 20 water slides and attractions for the family to enjoy together. Furthermore to mention, this water park is specially designed for kids aged between 2 and 12. We can also build our own Lego raft, slides the way down with legos and can enjoy the splash safari.

Lego land Dubai has 6 areas: Factory, Lego city, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure and the first indoor Mini land. Factory describes how Lego bricks are made with THE BIG SHOP which has largest Lego toys collection in the Middle East. Lego city takes the pride of showcasing the mini city made of Lego that comprises of Boating school, Driving school, junior driving school, Lego city airport, Rescue academy, police headquarters, etc.  A roller coaster will take us to the Lego kingdom that allows us to pass through the king’s castle and face the dragon. Lego Imagination should be the favourite part of the children because here they can build Lego cars and race them. This is not an end to the park, to enjoy it deeper hoist your way up to the Legoland.

Ticket ranges from:

  1. Legoland Dubai 1 day AED 235
  2. Legoland water park 1 day AED 235
  3. Legoland Dubai & Legoland water park 1 day AED 285

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Ice Land Water Park

This penguin home often addressed as “The coolest place in the desert”.  It is not exactly located in Dubai but 80kms north to Dubai, in Ras Al Khaimah.  It has more than 30 slides which include world’s largest artificial waterfalls, a replica of sea wave pool, a rain dance pool, Olympic sized lap pool and a beach. The natural attraction added to this park is the beauty of the hills and blue sea to the north. All we can see in this water park is the land covered with snow. It is a perfect destination to spend the holidays with the families and the your loved ones.

Ticket ranges from:

  1. Below 1.2 m height AED 75
  2. Above 1.2 m height AED 90
  3. Annual passes AED 199

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Bollywood Parks Dubai

Dubai always has a peaceful relation with INDIA and it is proved by BOLLYWOOD PARK DUBAI. This is a Bollywood inspired theme park which has 5 areas with different environments that are made from the ideas from the Bollywood blockbusters. BOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD is a visual of vibrant cafes and live entertainment that can be actually seen in Bollywood. MUMBAI CHOWK is said to be mini Mumbai as it displays the streets of Mumbai, bazaar shopping chowk and (please be careful) Mafia Boss DON will chase you in the street to add some spice in the trip. RUSTIC RAVINE brings people to traditional India with its realistic setting. The blockbusters Dabangg, Lagaan and Sholay are played out here. ROYAL PLAZA has the setting of Rajmahal theatre which is the home of country’s first Broadway-style Bollywood musical. BOLLYWOOD FILM STUDIOS attracts the fans of superheroes Krish and Ra one and also we can see how popular blockbuster movies are created. To visit the Bollywood Park the ticket ranges from

  1. Park tickets AED 175
  2. Annual passes AED 275
  3. GCC residents AED 95

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Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Awarded as the MIDDLE EAST’S LEADING WATERPARK 2016 this water park never forgets to think its visitors to revisit this park. It is located in the ATLANTIS THE PALM which opposes the fact ATLANTIS was drowned undersea. The entire park is constructed in the theme of Atlantis which can be seen only in the books and movies. This is the world-class water park which has so many attractions in it.  It has water slides, river rides, shark safari, cow nose ray feeding and relaxation spots. It is the best place to relax in the water and enjoy the area. This place has to be added to everyone’s holiday list as each penny worth spending in enjoying this park. The ticket ranges from

  1. Above 1.2 metres AED 275
  2. Below 1.2 metres AED 225
  3. 0-2 years of age free

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