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Mesmerize yourself in ‘The Global village’ – Its real not a dream!

What is new in Global village season 22?

For the past 21 years (Initial one started in 1996), we have come across some lots of information about global village Dubai. We all know that Global village Dubai is one of those destinations that include both trade and entertainment within it. It claims to be the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment place.  To be simplified, “all under one roof” seems to be much apt.

So, what is new about season 22? This question raises everyones’ curiosity. Here we go to find.


So many countries in the same place can be experienced only at the Global village. Visa is not required here to travel to the different parts of the world. For the last 21 years, Global Village comprised of 25 pavilions that represented 75 different cultures (includes Asia, Africa, America and Europe). Global Village 22 adds few more on its list: Bosnia and Balkans, and South Asia (Srilanka, Nepal and Bangladesh). In each corner of these pavilions, one can observe the trends and cultures of different regions along with a funfilled miniature of world tour, buying things representing different cultures and filling their carts.


No discounts on entry fee because it is already an affordable price (AED 15). There are more than 28 rides and 100 arcade games in the Global village so far. But this year the prices of this game tickets are promised to be reduced by 10%. Enjoy as many rides as you wish. Also, there are more than 34 skill testing games which will help you to win prizes with some discounted ticket fare (Who doesn’t want a 5 feet banana or a 6 feet teddy??) All you have to do for that is to play it and win it.

YUMMY YUMMY food kiosks:

Filling our tummy is also important as same as filling our shopping cart. As we have to go for a long walk (really long) to visit several countries, there is no wonder in getting an appetite.  There are some 120 food kiosks in the Global village which has so many varieties of snacks in their lists such as tricky Turkish ice creams (if you need ice cream, get one only after their tricks), fried doughnuts, iced slushes, fresh juices for your thirst etc., This village also includes restaurants serving the flavours of 30 different countries food; and the season 22 brings in nine more cuisines from Mexico, China, The Gulf and Cuba. Tickle your taste buds from the world class menus.


Now landed one of the beautiful and unique musical dance shows. “THE SILK ROAD- A JOURNEY OF THE UNIQUE NECKLACE” is wowing visitors with the story of Jubayr and Laila during the Umayyad era (AD661-750).  This is a love themed show which will take over the visitors’ heart for sure.


The Emirati star SHAMMA HAMDAN has signed in the contract to rock the stage at a concert. She is already a renowned singer in the EMIRATES and now she is ready to steal the people’s heart from different parts of the world who will be gathered in one global village. Hit in at 9 p.m. every night in global village to meet the star.


Viva Bollywood is not a new show and it’s been three years since it started (season 19). This is an entertainment show which is a love, friendship-based play. But this time more entertainment is added with more members and different concept. Not only Indians are interested to watch this. Whoever crossing this stage, stand there and dance to their beats until the show comes to an end. INDIA’S MESMERISING VOICE and a beautiful singer “Shreya Ghosal” has also committed entertaining this season.


Approximately, 15,000 vehicles can be parked in the Global village spot, so there will be no need to spend a whole night for searching the spot to park. Though Dubai government has increased the parking space drastically, it is still planning to alter it for the upcoming season.

There are so many changes in this season such as changing light colour in INDIA’S TAJMAHAL pavilion, new restaurants and cafes, more colourful fireworks, interesting carnivals, traditional foods leading to a never felt before experience.

People friendly services:

Apart from these shows and rides, there are many services available which make the people walk around with a relaxed mind. To mention a few:

  • We don’t have to carry baby strollers and wheelchairs as they are providing the prams attached with a shopping cart with a fair price (10 AED for an hour)
  • To control the fussy babies and kids there will be balloons with different cartoon characters selling everywhere around the village
  • We don’t have to pay separately for each show because those blasting events are offered to the tiring visitors for free
  • People can feel free to use “Neat and tidy restrooms” even though the crowd is indefinite

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