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Deserts in Dubai are for thrill-seekers

Innumerable things lure tourists from around the world to Dubai. The world’s tallest tower, huge shopping malls, and theme parks are just some of the attractions. But, if you want to delve deep into the soul of the city, take a trip to the bare and boundless deserts. Desert is the best place where one can admire the masterminds who turned the vast stretch of sand to a dazzling cityscape full of world-renowned structures. It is just like a magician creating wonderful things from the void, and it gives you a surrealistic experience in Dubai.

The incredible history of Dubai is rooted in the deserts. But, there is another interesting dimension for the deserts. Did you know that these countless red dunes have many activities to elate the adrenaline junkies? A trip to the desert includes a lot of adventures on the natural landscape, which are more delightful than those in the theme parks.

If you are visiting deserts in Dubai, try these spine-tingling adventures:

Dune bashing- Hit the dunes

This activity is as interesting as it sounds. A skilled driver will hit the dunes in a speeding SUV. Larger the size of the dunes, more the fun. Tighten your seatbelt, hold the handles tightly, and take a deep breath. The exciting ride is about to begin. You will scream out in thrill and fear throughout the wild ride over the dunes. The ace drivers will ride abruptly onto the top of a dune and drop. Believe it or not, dune bashing is more stirring than any roller coaster ride.

Quad biking- Sheer delight for riders

Those who are in love with the wheels must try quad biking. It is more exhilarating than the ride on the road. After listening to the instructions on off-road driving and practice, try riding the fully automatic quad bike. Ride across the ever-changing dunes and feel the sand below the wheels. This is perfect for those who love outdoor adventure.

Sandboarding – The best solo sport in the sand

Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding. It involves sliding down the dunes on a board fastened to your feet. Sandboarding is entirely safe as you are doing it on the soft sand. It is suitable for people of all ages. Don’t worry if you are a newbie, fasten the board to your boot and slowly slide down the slope until you get the balance. Once you are confident, let loose yourself and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Camel riding – Admire the past

Camels are known as the ship of the desert. They were the only means of transportation in the early days. Camel ride is a chance to step back in time and contemplate over the life of Bedouins. Enjoy flora and fauna of the desert from a different perspective. Hop on this gentle creature and experience its slow gait.

If you want unlimited fun in the desert terrains of Dubai, try all these adventures one after the other. A desert safari includes a fun ride to the desert with all the adventures, leisure programs and dinner. It has live performances like Belly dance, Tanoura and fire show.

A day in the desert will be fun for people of all ages. Adventures make you young and rejuvenate the mind and body. The thrill is at its zenith if the adventurous activities are carried out in the deserts. This justifies why desert safari remains the most popular tourist activity in Dubai. Going on a desert safari will give a chance to engage in all these activities on a single day. The tour company will provide the equipment required and ensure your safety throughout the trip.

Have an amusing day in the deserts of Dubai.

Guest Post by Day Out Dubai.

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