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What is included in the Desert Safari Tour?

Dubai is a wonderful Arabian city of sun and sand. Its colloquial name is dune bashing. Full of magical surprises and one of the exclusive attractions of Dubai is the desert safari.

One who loves adventures can go luxury desert safari in Dubai, a city known for luxurious things. One can enjoy one wonderful moment of life on a desert safari.

You can enjoy one beautiful moment of life by driving (4WD) or 4by4 vehicle but driving a Quad Bike in evening desert safari, riding a camel, Dune Buggy, sandboarding, and a lot more.

Any of the above packages you choose, you will always get some complimentary attractions in the package, like Arabic belly dancing, BBQ dinner, refreshments, sheesha, and a camel ride.

The luxury desert safari offers three types of packages:

  1. Morning safari.
  2. Evening safari.
  3. Overnight safari

1) Morning Desert Safari

You will drive (4WD) or SUV vehicles on dunes early in the morning in this package. Later, you will be given to strive for Quad biking, camel riding, or sand skiing. After that, you will be provided with refreshments and snacks by the operator, and at noon you will be back in Dubai.

2) The evening safari:

The evening safari package is almost the same as the morning desert safari dubai. But the color of sand and sky is different than of the morning. After driving and riding, you will be served dinner (you can choose the dishes whatever is on the menu while booking). During the evening safari, you will be provided BBQ and buffets and vegetarians. This safari lasts till late at night.

3) The overnight safari.

An overnight safari is almost similar to an evening desert safari. But in an overnight safari, you will have to stay the whole night under the moonlit sky in camps or sleeping bags and blankets. The day after, you will be provided with breakfast.

Dune buggy desert safari:

A dune buggy, also known as a beach buggy, is a vehicle with large and thick tires used only on dunes, beaches, and deserts. Rolling up and down the dunes. One who is willing to ride a dune buggy should be at the age of 15 years. It is very adventurous.

Quad bike desert:

If you like thrilling adventures, you should try quad biking. It is a dangerous version of discovering the desert dunes.

Camel riding:

Camel is known as the ship of the desert. While touring the luxury desert safari, you will have the opportunity to ride on a camel’s back. And it is also a traditional way to discover desert safari.

Sand boarding:

Sand boarding on the sand on evening desert safari would look memorable. You can enjoy the sunset while boarding down the uneven surface of the desert.

Final Words

Dubai Desert Safari is the best way to spend your summer and enjoy your weekends. You can capture memorable moments while riding a camel and Quad bike. Also, you can enjoy wonderful feast which include BBQ, etc.

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