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Dubai Miracle Garden: A Heavenly Feeling

Who would have thought that the world’s most beautiful attraction surrounded only by
flowers can be seen in a desert and dry land UAE? It’s really a miracle to find a miraculous garden in Dubai where we can actually think like a dream came true. Located in Dubai near the Arabian Ranches, the name itself gives the appropriate meaning of what is so miraculous about it. The world’s largest natural flower garden has 72,000 square-meters of floral attraction which has more than 60 million flowers on display. Surprised? Yes. The garden has such a huge flower theme which can mostly see in Indian duet songs. Apparently, it is opened on February 2013, Valentine’s Day (just a perfect day to inaugurate it).

Rare but real:

Dubai is well known for its skyscrapers and world-class malls but at some point, people
may get tired of seeing malls everywhere they turn. And to step people out of this concrete and steel closed structures, Dubai government has decided to put spell on its visitors by showing this miracle. The structure of the floral arrangements is changed every season to ensure even the residents would get a different experience each time they travel here. It is known as the world’s largest natural flower garden where all the flowers are naturally planted and not an artificial setup.

A feast to the eyes:

Who doesn’t want to experience a colourful real show with vibrant colours? The garden has
more than 70 kinds of flowers in which some of them are in scarce. It is also decked with a special kind such as petunias, geraniums and marigold (extremely uncommon to see in Middle East region). This botanical garden has more than 45 millions of flowers bloomed in a spectrum of colours like a rainbow, styles and shapes that look like circles, igloos, pyramid, hearts and so many. It will surely attract the visitors who were bored to see the city’s traffic always and turn to tall buildings.


  • It includes a replica of the Emirates Airbus A380, which received the GUINNESS
    BOOK of WORLD RECORDS “largest floral installation “title in 2016.
  • A long floral wall of 1-kilometre circumference in this miraculous botanical garden
    also made this garden again to hit the Guinness world record for the longest flower
    wall in the world.
  • A pathway of 4 kilometres of flowers, made the visitors freeze in the surprise.
  • Seasonal attractions are also made in the garden in many innovative shapes and
    structures in the form of statues, cars, etc.

Opening Hours:

The entry for this garden starts from 9.00 AM till 9.00 PM on weekdays and until 11 PM at
weekends (but the last entry is at 6.00 PM). However, due to Dubai’s notoriously hot summers, the gardens are closed from May/June to September/October.

Tickets cost AED 40 for adults, AED 30 for children, free for ages 2 years and under.

What are you waiting for? Visit Dubai Miracle garden to experience the colours with a sweet
scent. Take your family along with you and give them a boom to see the flowers blooming.

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