5 Ways to Look Comfy yet Stylish When You’re Feeling Lazy

When you’re feeling lazy, your fashion sense can become a battlefield between comfort and style. But fear not, there are outfits that are as comfy as pajamas yet a hundred times more suitable to parade in public.

If you’re feeling sluggish but you don’t enjoy leaving your home looking like a scallywag, here’s how you can be fashionable without exerting too much effort.

1. Oversized Top

The easiest way to spice up your look without breaking a sweat is to sport an oversized top such as a boyfriend shirt. What’s great about a boyfriend oversized shirt is it’s versatile enough to look good with almost everything.

  • Jeans or Leggings and Boots – Pair your boyfriend shirt with jeans or leggings and wear some boots for a chic and comfortable outfit.
  • Tuck it – Simply tuck in your boyfriend shirt into your jeans or shorts to show off some of your curves. You can tuck it in completely for a cleaner look, or tuck it loose in front to have a casual look. In both cases, wear sneakers or ankle boots to keep the look going.

2. Accessorize

Another creative way to offset a lazy outfit is to add stylish accessories. Even if you are wearing something plain, the right accessories can give an extra edge to your ensemble. Whenever you don’t feel like dressing up, just wear a plain top and jeans then throw on a statement accessory.

Below are some accessories you can integrate to your bland outfits to make yourself stand out.

  • Purse or a Fun Backpack – A purse or backpack will add a hint of texture and color to your mundane look. It’s good to invest in these accessories not only because they carry your stuff, but also because they prevent your outfit from appearing totally dull.
  • Fun Socks – For those cold days when you barely want to get out of bed, colorful socks can add fun to your boring ensemble. Choosing a more colorful and unique pair of socks is better.
  • Headscarf – If you’re suffering from a bad hair day, a head scarf is your personal hair first aid. Not only that, you can wear your bland shirt and it won’t matter because your colorful and lovely headscarf will catch everyone’s attention.
  • Hat – Whether you want to look cool or go boho, a hat is a versatile accessory to hint the style you’re going for.
  • Standout Earrings – There’s a reason why you got a piercing and that is to hang standout earrings. Any outfit can look glamorous and chic with the right earrings.
  • Sunglasses – Any outfit just looks so much better with a pair of sunglasses. Finish the look with a bold lip, then you’re ready to go.

3. Denim Jacket

For a cute, simple ensemble that keeps you warm, layering a lightweight denim jacket over is a genius idea. The jacket will keep your style looking fresh, but remember to contrast your jacket with a different colored pair of jeans.

  • Crop Top and Skinny Jeans – A crop top is a brilliant inner wear for your denim jacket. Paired with skinny jeans, it can give off a stylish and sexy aura to sport during your lazy days.
  • Dress – Going out for a date but too lazy to think of what to wear? You’ll never go wrong with incorporating a denim jacket with your dress. Whether it’s a maxi, bodycon or skater dress, you’ll still get to accentuate a stylish ensemble.

4. Activewear

There’s nothing wrong with wearing your chic activewear to someplace else besides the gym. For a cold day, wear your full-sized sweatshirt and a cropped one if it isn’t too chilly. Pair it with your jogger pants and some comfy sneakers for the ultimate in comfort and style.

5. Cozy shoes

This is one of the basics when dressing for comfort. Shoes that are uncomfortable may ruin your whole outfit even if you’re wearing something gorgeous. They can affect the way you walk, your posture and even your mood. Invest in shoes that are comfortable, stylish and fit you perfectly.

Dressing comfortably without sacrificing your style is definitely possible! Even if you’re having a lazy day, being a little creative will help you avoid wearing something bland. Find comfort in style by matching different statement pieces, accessories and shoes.

And remember, it’s easy to make an outfit stand out when you’re comfortable in it.

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