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Five Tricks to Find the Best Rent a Car Company in the UAE

As the nature of the industry goes, you will always find the prices of car rental companies to be very competitive, and if you do your research well, you can find some fantastic deals.

Do you have plans to travel? Are you looking for ways to fix your conveyance issue?

If your answer is yes then we have an excellent solution for you. To rent a car in Dubai is one of the best ways to travel from one place to another within the city. If you don’t plan or do your research correctly, you end up paying a premium price for a simple rental deal.

However, we understand how overwhelming the process of finding daily or monthly car rental Dubai can be. Hence, we have come up with a list of brilliant tricks to help you find the best rent a car company in UAE for your needs. Make sure to consider these tips the next time you are looking for cheap car rentals in Dubai and save more.

Check out multiple locations

Quite often, most of us tend to look for car rentals at the airport when traveling. However, the convenience of airport at times can end up costing you more. If you are looking for cheap car rental Dubai, then it might be a better option to search for deals in the city than at the airport.

Getting in the city will also give you more savings opportunities by comparing prices of multiple rental companies in the market. This trick has outstanding saving potential if done correctly. However, make sure you do your research and check out a couple of places before making your decision.

Moreover, this also means you need to plan your trip better. Most of the major cities around the world offer free shuffles or comparatively cheap transportation options from airports. If you prefer you can also take Uber, but it may cost you a bit extra, but ultimately, you will be saving money by checking out multiple locations.

Find membership discounts

With the highly connected world we live in, you will be shocked to find out brand associations. Membership can come to different forms; you might even already be eligible for a discount on some specific car rental companies and not know about it.

Make sure if you’re credit cards, debit cards, and any other membership cards that you might have, give you access to apply for a discount on your car rental in Dubai or any other place you may be traveling to next.

Reconsider the upsell offer

When you rent a car in Dubai or anywhere else in the world, you are most likely to receive the upsell speech. Your car rental company will want you to buy more services, such as GPS devices and car upgrades. However, it is possible that you might not be needing all the updates you are being suggested.

At times some credit cards cover complete or partial insurance costs, make sure to look into the benefits of the credit card you use to rent the car. Another option to look into would to ask your current insurance provider if they cover rentals as well.

The idea is to consider upgrades you are being suggested and not just blinding reject them. The need for updates is very subjective, and it also varies with factors like long you are staying and who you are traveling with. Hence make sure you gather all the information before making the decision.

Inquire about the ongoing rental promotions

As we mentioned early, car rental is a very competitive industry. Hence every now and the companies announce some great promotional offers to attract new customers and become more competitive.

Hence, when do your research, make sure to ask the companies if they are currently running any promotional offers. Remember, if you don’t ask, some of those representatives might not tell you. If you do decide to go with the promotional deal, make sure to ask about any hidden charges that you might have to pay later on.

Employee and other Discounts

An explicit range of employee discounts is one of the benefits of working with a great organization. However, at times people forget or simply ignore these perks.

The most effective way to check if you can avail one of your employee benefits is to ask your employer. Usually, your HR department should be able to guide you on all possible discounts that are available to you.

However, to further clear your uncertainty, you can call the car rental company and ask the representative if you can excise the discounted offered by your organization. They will help you learn about your discount options.

Now you know how to find the best car rental deals to meet your particular needs and wants. For more useful tips, get connected with UAE Central.

This is guest post published by Irfan Khan from eZhire Company.

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