The Best Movers and Packers in Dubai

A lot of moving companies are serving in different areas of the UAE. But very few of them are legally registered and professional. I’ll let you know here which movers and packers to choose if you are a resident or citizen of the UAE.

The Movers Emirates is one of those registered moving companies which offer reliable and affordable house and office moving services. The well-trained moving team like furniture carpenters and packing helpers are waiting for your call.

All details about the company and services are listed below which can help you to understand our service procedure easily.

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Types of moving services

The Movers Emirates offers all kinds of commercial and residential moving services. Like villas, houses, apartments, studios, offices, warehouses, stores, IT equipment, medical equipment, gym equipment. Make sure that the company has professional technicians if any damage occurs while moving.

House like villa movers in Dubai

Most locals and expatriates in UAE change their residence once a year. This can happen because of business shifting, job transfer, or season change. Our services are especially affordable for residential shifting.

If you are moving from one Emirate to another or within the same Emirate. Our team is available all over the country once you call nearby team will reach you at a fixed time. The supervisor will inspect the items before giving you an estimated price. Don’t worry as professional movers and packers in Dubai we’ll give you a budget-friendly quotation.

Check out this list which we serve in residential moving:

  • Studio hall
  • 1bhk apartment
  • 2bhk apartment
  • Full building apartments
  • 2 bedrooms villa
  • 5 bedrooms villa
  • 8 bedrooms villa

Our carpenters can dismantle and fix all kinds of royal, luxury, modern furniture along with curtains, decor items, appliances, etc.

Warehouse, Store, Gym, Office Movers

As the commercial movers and packers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other Emirates we can move any kind of commercial sites and items. We have a professional team to pack all of your office items properly. We can handle a lot of office files safely.

Don’t worry we can handle IT equipment as well like computers, printers, servers, etc. Our team will dismantle essential items and then fix them in a new place as per customer directions.

We can shift gym and other commercial sites like warehouses, shops, markets, medical stores, etc. Our carpenters and helpers are properly trained for specific items that how to pack, dismantle and fix.

Why choose the Movers Emirates?

Movers Emirates was established in 1998 working as movers and packers in the entire UAE country. We have a good experience with even all nationalities of expatriates and citizens. The company has 4.5 stars rating.

A licensed and award winner moving company. Our teams are participating in different kinds of training and competitions.

  • Reliable prices
  • Uniformed professionals
  • Expert furniture carpenters
  • Best quality packing materials
  • Box covered trucks
  • Punctual service
  • Advanced carton boxes for packing
How much do Movers Emirates charge?

Charges for house and office moving are based on the quality of work, quantity, and transportation distance. The supervisor will come to your place and he will inspect all items which need to be shifted.

After checking all items he will get some additional information from you like the quality of packing, and when you will be ready to move out?

Once he collects all the information he will let you know an estimated price and you will get an official quotation as well.

We give time and chance to our clients to compare our offered quotation with other moving companies as well. But we assure you that you will get our prices reliable and affordable.

Use of different types of packing materials

Packing materials are essential to pack each item. The company uses bubble roll, stretch film roll, corrugated carton roll, cardboard boxes, hanger boxes, etc. The packing is the most important factor preventing any kind of damage and scratch to your expensive furniture and other household items.

Use of such kinds of materials like bubble and stretch rolls well to pack fragile items separately. Glasses, mirrors, kitchen items are good ideas to pack in air bubble roll so it can’t be broken while shifting.

Books, kitchen items, cupboard items, clothes, shoes, and other small household items are packed in 5 plies carton boxes which are totally safe.

Furniture and home appliances packing in stretch roll, carton roll, clean blankets prevent all kinds of damage to the expensive furniture.

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