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Top Trends Driving the Hospitality Industry in Dubai this Year

We all know that Dubai is a tourist destination, thanks to its numerous sites, theme parks, architecture, rich culture, and luxurious hotels. With so many advancements, the trends driving the hospitality sector keep growing. The best hotels in Dubai use different parameters to elevate the hospitality industry. Dubai tourism expects more tourists to flock in the city, that is why the government is focused on the industry.

Social Trends

Social trends are about the way people change their lifestyles after interacting with different ideas. Below are top social trends driving the hospitality industry:

Healthy Menu

With so many people in the world embracing healthy food, the best hotels in Dubai have not been left behind. The city has seen an increase in demand when it comes to organic products, environmental-friendly, and healthy foods. This means that the hospitality industry cares for the health of the customers.

Local Brands

Although Dubai is known as a tourist destination, many international brands have been operating in the city. However, lately, the trend has been changing, and many homegrown brands are saturating the market to provide high-quality services. This will help to grow the hospitality industry by increasing the value of homegrown products.

Regional Cuisines

There has been a rise and fall of the cuisines people like in Dubai. The latest trend in the hospitality industry is the traditional and modern Middle Eastern and North African cuisines. With more local ideas, more people are choosing regional flavors. The best hotels in Dubai not only offer regional cuisines, but they also Arabian, Asian and Egyptian cuisines.


With most people getting busier with their work and chores, and the internet becoming more accessible, more people consider home deliveries and takeaways. These services save time and money. Food delivery apps continue to grow, and more people are embracing meal plans. What makes the best hotels in Dubai stand out is that they offer both services.

Technological Trends

Technology Trends in Hospitality

There is no doubt that Dubai is a leader when it comes to technology. The hospitality industry in Dubai is embracing technological changes. These features include:

Customer Relations

The hospitality industry in Dubai has been expanding with an increase in hotels and restaurants. This has also increased the number of tourists in the city. Customer relations management technology is improving the hospitality sector. This technology helps to gather customer feedback and experience by creating a database of the customers, their orders, and spending.


Many customers enjoy staying and dining in a hotel where they can access the internet effortlessly, that is why the best hotels in Dubai provide free WIFI. The internet is an essential factor in the hospitality industry, and with the number of young tourists increasing, it has become a necessity.

POS Technology

The best hotels in Dubai know the importance of investing in point of sale software. This allows the hotels to collect data and use it to manage different departments easily. For instance, the billing system allows the hotel to monitor food sales at all outlets, from room service to dining. It also gives combined or separate reports as well analysis of every sale and customer.

Economic Trends

Economic trends shift when people change their spending habits. Below are some major economic trends influencing the hospitality industry:

Pop-up Restaurants

Since the tourists visiting Dubai are not class-bound, the city is seeing the number of visitors increasing. More middle-class tourists flock the city; which means that the pop-up restaurants and fast casuals are growing in popularity.

Affordable Hotels

Although you can find the best hotels in Dubai, it doesn’t mean that they are expensive. The players in the hospitality sector understand that tourists in Dubai come from different social classes. You can find affordable luxurious hotels. This allows all tourists visiting the city can stay in the best hotels in Dubai. This means that the tourists can experience the best services and eat different cuisines without spending so much. This is not only useful to the customers who pay less, but it also benefits the city because many tourists can visit Dubai without worrying about the costs.


One of the biggest trends driving the hospitality industry is how independent restaurants and hotels work together. For instance, wedding venues in Dubai can be found in both hotels and restaurants, which gives the customers a diverse experience they get the best of both worlds. This also reduces the cost of running because of the different hotels chip in.

The hospitality industry in Dubai keeps growing year after year, and with the latest trends, the hotels aim to attract more tourists. These trends not only benefit the hotels, but they also make it easy for tourists to book hotels and experience the best services without spending so much. The hotel-restaurant deals ensure that the visitors get the best of both worlds. Affordable hotels in Dubai make it easy for middle-class visitors to stay in luxurious hotels.

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