Tire Essentials for your 4X4 before going OFF-ROAD

Off-roading is a beautiful sport that any normal-day driver can learn in a short amount of time. It takes nothing but courage and the will to explore nature. You do need a vehicle which must be competent enough to be driven on rough terrains. Sometimes, the rugged and rough nature of certain terrains breaks down vehicles causing hefty financial losses to owners. Therefore, it is advised that one always equips his 4×4 with the right kind of equipment and tires.

When driving off-road, especially on uneven surfaces and terrains, your 4×4 tires must provide you with a better grip and higher traction. That is what tires are for! To protect your ride and to provide you with comfort off-road. Such tires are often called mud-terrain tires or all-terrain tires.

Off-road tires are physically rugged and rigid, unlike tires that we use daily. Such tires help 4×4 drivers with traction on the terrain. Dunes and trails are indeed fun but balance and an easy drive off-road is essential. Hence, it is significant to fit your 4×4 with tires that can provide total traction on mud, sand, rocks or on any given path off-road. Such tires are made up of soft rubber to achieve the objective of acquiring a grip on a rigid or crooked surface. Therefore, if you look carefully, these tires have larger spaces (tread blocks) than our daily tires.

Before purchasing tires for your off-roading experience, you must keep a few things in mind:

The kind of terrain:

You should definitely be having something in mind due to which you would like to go on an off-road journey. It seems quite nice, but as discussed, you must prepare for it. Therefore, make sure to consult with your local dealer, be clear that you need a set of tires that must have the ability to provide you with a better grip and a comfortable journey off-road.

Buy ’em with a warranty:

To find out the kind of tires your vehicle needs, you first must know the tire size. You may know the size by looking at the sidewall of your regular day-tires. You may then place your order for your favorite all-terrain or mud-terrain tire brand.

If you don’t have your vehicle close, you can also search by the vehicle name on Google to get the variety of sizes that will fit well.

On top of that, you could even research tire shops at petrol stations to find out about the kind of tires that fit your vehicle or just visit the auto market in your locality. Tire shops are present in every ‘equipment market’ of the world for your 4×4 model and you will get all the information you need, sometimes professionals even advise the kind of brands that are durable and long-lasting. But, we always advise and especially suggest beginners buy tires that come at least with a 1-year warranty.

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Sakshi Aswani is the Marketing Director of Ironman 4×4 Middle East. Ironman 4×4 is the leading dealer for 4×4 accessories in Dubai. We provide 4×4 off-roading equipment installations and custom fabrications for a variety of 4×4’s. At Ironman 4×4 we know what suits best to your 4×4!

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