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Dubai Natural Attractions Guide

Dubai is mainly associated with fabulous modern architecture and luxurious lifestyle. When thinking about the city, most people picture a concrete oasis surrounded by seemingly endless desert. It’s hard to imagine any life forms other than humans in the environment made of asphalt, steel and glass.

Few travelers know that Dubai can offer much more to the fans of mother-nature and outdoor activities than just luxury cars and lifestyle. This article will uncover the hidden spots of the city where anyone can experience the booming wildlife.

Natural Attractions of Dubai

There are many spots in Dubai, where you can enjoy nature. We’ve picked some of the most interesting ones for you.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari

Most people perceive deserts as uninhabited plains where no one can survive. It’s true that these lands are harsh but they aren’t lifeless. Tourists who opt for Dubai desert safari can enjoy the view of the local species of leopards, wolves, oryxes, gazelles and even sand cats.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

If you’re not a big fan of long rides across deserts, you might enjoy the chilling water experience of one of the world’s largest aquariums. Take a long walk in marine-blue glass corridors and enjoy the view of picturesque sea creatures as they pass by ignorant of your presence. Take a long scuba-dive and meet the world’s most dangerous predators – the sharks. Feed a huge crocodile or simply chill out in a boat with glass bottom. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo has it all!

The Green Planet

The Green Planet
Image Credit: Dxb Venues

Do you need even wilder experience? Visit the Green Planet. It’s a huge tropical rainforest encased in a building. Over 3000 plants and animals inhabit this artificial paradise. Meet the world’s most exotic life forms. Contribute to the preservation of endangered species and learn more about them.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden

Dubai is a record-breaking city, so no surprise it has the largest flower garden on Earth. The attraction matches its title perfectly. It is a true miracle. Just imagine over 70,000 sq. m of desert turned into flourishing land. Open for 6 months only, Dubai Miracle Garden is the home to over 250 million plants. It’s the best place to enjoy nature’s bright colors and nice fragrances. Here, flowers cover not only the ground but also buildings, fences, arcs, and even statues. The garden’s most breathtaking structures include 73 meters long Airbus and 18 meters tall Mickey Mouse. Apart from flowers, visitors can enjoy a trampoline park, weekly live shows, a flower parade and ten domes inhabited with over 15,000 butterflies. If you’re visiting the city from November till May and want a change of scenery, you should definitely pay a visit to Dubai Miracle Garden.

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