How Beutics is Taking Care of Your Every Lifestyle Desire

Beutics Concept

What if we told you that you can know what to expect of a new beauty establishment without even setting foot on it? That there is a place you could go with an endless menu of lifestyle services including everything from cosmetic and dental procedures to massages and yoga? That there was an app you could use to ensure you enjoy a lazy Saturday indoors and still get the pampering you desire at your doorstep? Beutics says “YES” to all these questions, serving up a holistic fitness service where the lifestyle world is your oyster. From a store owner’s point of view, it puts a large market space at the fingertips of a growing business to explode its profit margins.

Features of the App

An online marketplace that knows no boundaries, Beutics offers the following services and conveniences:

  • Honest reviews arising from real experiences so that you can know what to make of an unfamiliar spa, massage parlor or any other place/service
  • Many cashback and loyalty incentives offering great value for money
  • A Q&A fitness and beauty platform to address burning questions quickly so you can make a decision
  • A virtual zoom-in feature that offers not only reviews of local places but also virtual tours so you can visit a store without actually visiting it
  • Mark special days of loved ones with gift cards or service gifts
  • Narrow down services in line with your personal parameters at the touch of a button
  • 24-hour booking capabilities executed in real-time to save you queuing and calling headaches

You can download Beutics on the Apple Store and Google PlayStore.

Beutics Working

Complete registration preliminaries and start your Beutics journey with a 50 AED reward. You can earn up to 2500 AED on referrals and gain back a lot more on cash back programs. The app is pretty simple to use, splitting functions into five major categories, namely “explore, offers, did you know, wallet, and menu”. Via the menu feature, you can keep tabs on your account status, notifications, chats, and referrals among other important aspects. Within the explore section, you can choose from one of five fitness and beauty specialties, and further book your curated service appointment from the filter within each specialty.

Why Beutics is cut from a different Cloth

Adopting cutting edge technology to enable innovative features such as being able to tour stores from behind a screen, Beutics rises above the crowd for its modernity and countless options especially in the “at-home” options. The reward system is also notably generous, while the reviews and expert platform go a long way to helping undecided clients make up their mind.

Beutics makes it easy to Gift your near and dear ones by gifting a service or gift cards to top up your friends’ wallets, which they can use to get their preferred service, therapy, or massage at a salon.

Got any beauty & fitness doubts? We are sure you do! Move over from Google and let the experts answer your queries to ensure you get the right resolution. Simply post your genuine concerns or queries online and get the answers you seek in a jiffy.

You will find offers like never before! Further on, Beutics App curates offers that are truly spectacular and bargains. Simply giving reasons to spoil you.

Whether a casual user with a soft spot for fitness and beauty or a business looking to expand its horizon, Beutics is revolutionary in every way!

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