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Top Reasons Why Leasing a Car in Dubai is the Best Decision

Have you recently moved to Dubai? Are you here on a long-term work contract? Or are you here for an extended vacation?

Whatever the reason may be for your stay in the City of Gold, having a car at your beck and call is a definite advantage. What’s more, if you opt for a 6-month car lease or longer, then you get all the fun of driving without the worries that come with owning one.

All the Bustle Without the Hassle

Dubai is a bustling city that offers you a world of choices when it comes to enjoying life. There are world-renowned attractions, a rich cultural heritage, and a plethora of wonders that meld old-world charm and modern marvels.

Whether you are in Dubai for work or play, it would be to your advantage if you have a vehicle that can ferry you to and from the places you go to. Not only will it give you a respite from unnecessary exposure to the heat in this thriving emirate, but it also comes with the ease of getting to your appointments on time and in comfort.

Of course, you can always rent a car, but if you’re staying for six months or longer, then the best choice is to lease a car for your utmost convenience.

Leasing a car brings about several advantages especially if you are only staying for a particular amount of time. You can simply zoom in and out (mind the speed limits, of course) of your business meetings in the comforts of your own vehicle. You can also choose to just engage in fun outdoor activities in and around the metro at your whim.

Aside from enjoying the freedom of going anywhere at any time with your leased unit, here are the other benefits of leasing a car in Dubai for the long term:

1. You have a range of car options.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) car rental and leasing market continues its uphill drive with an estimated USD 2.5 billion in earnings by the year 2023. This is influenced by the influx of international tourists, business expansions, and global events such as the Expo 2020. Car leasing, in particular, accounts for 55 percent of the total market share in 2018.

Aside from showing the robust state of the leasing market, these statistics also highlight that leasing offers you a variety of options when it comes to the choices of vehicle makes and models. The thriving industry affords you a wide range of choices and has a higher probability of giving you exactly what you need.

It is also a known fact that Dubai is a playground for car aficionados. From utilitarian pick-ups and vans to stylish luxury vehicles, you can have a garage of options to choose from. These vehicles are available to you at a price that you may normally not want to shell out.

2. You can better manage your finances.

Aside from giving you the opportunity to drive vehicles that you may not typically want (or can afford) to spring for, leasing a vehicle also allows you to better manage your mobility costs.

When you lease a vehicle, you only pay a fixed monthly fee. This usually comes with other leasing perks such as an additional free driver should you need one, free delivery and pick-up across the UAE, a considerable mileage allowance (that may even come with a complimentary 1,000-kilometer mileage or so), and no hidden charges.

If you are not too keen on investing in a brand new vehicle with all the accompanying ownership costs, then leasing is your best bet. You get high value for a car that you like without paying for overhead or additional fees. The leasing company will take care of all that for you.

3. You don’t need to worry about maintenance costs.

Owning a car also comes with the responsibility of maintaining it. As time rolls by, regular wear and tear will take its toll on the vehicle. At the same time, it will also take its toll on your wallet.

Over time, you will need to bring your vehicle for repair or parts replacement. To keep it running in top condition, it must also be regularly brought in to a service center for check-ups. This vehicle upkeep will also entail considerable maintenance fees.

If you lease a vehicle, you do not have to worry about costly repairs or servicing requirements. The car leasing company will be the one to take care of these for you so all you need to do is drive your leased unit.

You also do not have to worry about insurance costs as all vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance, as required by UAE laws. You do not have to pay for damage costs in case an accident happens; however, you are required to secure a police report.

Smooth-Sailing Driving

When you want to drive without the hassle of dealing with maintenance or insurance fees, then you should choose to lease over owning a car. If you also want to drive a car that you would normally not be able to buy either because you don’t have enough funds, or you simply do not want to invest, then leasing is your best option.

Just be sure to heed UAE road rules and regulations, and you can look forward to cruising the roads in style, safety, and glee.

Author Bio

This is guest post written by Felin Francis. She is self motivated and competent MBA professional having 2 years of experience, in financial research.

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