How to Find a Perfect Wedding Dress in Dubai

When you’ve finally found The One — the person you’ll be spending the rest of your life with — then you’ll surely want to find that one dress that you’ll wear on your big day.

You’re probably all tickled pink about going shopping for your bridal outfit, but with all the choices out there, how do you pick the perfect one for you?

From considering factors such as the date, location, and weather, to heeding the suggestions of a reputable wedding dress consultant in Dubai, there are things you can do to ensure that you will be walking down the aisle looking exquisitely beautiful in a dress made just for you.

Don’t Stress About the Dress

Weddings are exciting events. Many women dream about this occasion since girlhood. Whether or not it has been on your agenda for years or it happened in a whirlwind, the fact remains that preparing for a wedding can be one of the most exhilarating things you’ll experience in your life.

Along with the thrill, however, come some anxieties. Some women manage the wedding preparations better, while others can’t help but turn into ultimate Bridezillas. Feeling a little bit nervous or experiencing some anxiety before tying the knot is pretty normal. Getting some professional help from a wedding coordinator, bridal gown consultant, friends, or family members can help you to avoid major meltdowns.

Choosing the perfect wedding dress should be an enjoyable experience. How you feel will influence the kind of dress you choose, so it is ideal that you are relaxed when shopping for your bridal wear. When you’re in the right frame of mind and in a buoyant mood, you are more likely to find that picture-perfect dress that you have always envisioned yourself wearing.

Will you be holding your wedding at a luxury event venue? Is it going to be a destination wedding on some tropical island? Will it be a daytime or evening affair? Here, we have put together some tips that can help you find your ideal wedding dress in the most stress-free way:

1. Think of Your Theme

One of the first considerations you should think about is your wedding theme, if you plan to have one. Will you be having a traditional Arabian wedding? Will you be going for a fairytale-like concept? Are you aiming for a hip and casual vibe?

If you have a specific theme in mind, it will be wise to take this into consideration before you buy your wedding outfit. Having a traditional wedding will also call for traditional garb, for example. A boho-inspired dress may be more suitable for a Bohemian-themed wedding. Some even go the distance and indulge their fantasies dressed up as their favorite romantic movie characters, comic book hero pairs, or as Cinderella and Prince Charming, among other more adventurous concepts.

As the stars of the show, you and your other half must be the epitome of style and substance on your special day.

2. Consider the Time, Date, and Location

You wouldn’t really want to be wearing a voluminous brocade gown under the sweltering sun, would you?

When shopping for your wedding dress, also consider the time, date, and location of the event. For example, a beach wedding will call for lighter fabrics for your wedding gown. On the other hand, if you’re holding the wedding in the middle of winter, you will want more coverage or opt for warmer fabrics.

Other considerations may apply regarding the cut, fabric, and style of your wedding gown depending on whether it’s going to be worn for a daytime or an evening event, what season your wedding date falls in, or whether the location is indoor or outdoors. Daytime weddings in outdoor locations in the midst of summer may lead you to more lightweight bridal dress options, for example.

3. Do Research

It would also help if you can already conduct research ahead of time. Start early when shopping for your wedding gown, especially when you have enough time before the wedding. This will allow you to do your shopping in a more leisurely manner.

Look up designs in bridal magazines or online resources, or by visiting bridal shops. You can also read up on articles that guide you towards the wedding dress cuts or styles will best suit you, your wedding theme, or other external factors.

Doing research will also help you set your budget, look for the best suppliers, or allow you to go on a personal diet plan if needed.

4. Set a Budget

To save yourself from financial worries down the road, it is best to set a budget before you go bridal dress shopping. This will also help you streamline your options.

If you have a modest budget, then you can start looking for dresses that are within your range. There are bridal boutiques that sell off-the-rack dresses as well as offer wedding dresses for rent.

For those who have more financial room to move in, then there are couture collections or signature pieces from world-renowned designers to choose from. You can also have a wedding gown tailor-made for you.

It’s easy to get swayed when there are a lot of options vying for your attention. With a set budget in mind, you can narrow down your options and go for the best one that fits all your criteria.

5. Work with a Wedding Dress Consultant

Perhaps one of the most helpful things you can consider when looking for the perfect wedding gown is to work with a wedding dress consultant. A highly regarded bridal boutique or atelier will have a bridal consultant assigned to you so you can find the right wedding attire.

Armed with years of experience, these bridal gown experts have professional knowledge and training that can help point you to the most suitable gown that will meet your requirements. They will know which wedding dress silhouette will best flatter your particular body type and skin color, and they will have your personal preferences in mind. All the other crucial factors will be taken into consideration before they recommend a ready-made gown or tailor a bespoke bridal dress for you.

The work of these bridal gown specialists will result in you slipping into the most delightful and flawless wedding dress that will allow you to move comfortably and with grace.

Walk Down the Aisle with a Radiant Smile

Consider the theme, weather, location, date, and budget to find the best bridal attire you can find. Most importantly, put importance in the knowledgeable suggestions of a bridal gown consultant so you can feel good and look good in the wedding dress of your dreams.

If you have invested time, effort, and resources in ensuring that you will be wearing the best bridal outfit you can find, then you will surely glide down the aisle with a blissful smile.


Kristie Romanos is the Regional Buyer and Operations Director at Esposa, a luxury bridal boutique offering every bride-to-be a one-stop-shop to find her perfect wedding look. Esposa Group includes Esposa Privé and Esposa boutiques in Lebanon and Dubai, offering a multi-brand selection showcasing the works of international designers. Kristie is also the designer behind EsposaCouture.

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