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10 Important Facts to Know During Your UAE Trip

There are so many sites, attractions and areas of culture to explore in an area of rich and interesting history with some truly standout places to visit such as Burj Khalifa at the top, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Desert safari if you are taking a trip to see the top tourist attraction in UAE. Here are 10 important facts that will help keep your stay an enjoyable one.

1. Don’t forget to sample the food

As you go about your trip, enjoying various attractions and scenery, do not forget to try the street food and restaurants that you will uncover nearby. The UAE is home to some excellent food types, many of which there is a good chance you would not have experienced elsewhere, so do not miss the chance to give your taste buds something new!

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2. Know how to dress

The dressing is often a concern when attending a foreign country as one wants to avoid offending residents and also dress for the climate. Now the UAE is a Muslim country, but it is not as conservative as you may be thinking. With this in mind, you can dress-wearing shorts and skirts with your shirts, and women do not need to cover their hair. Note, that while it is hot outside, the shopping malls are very cold because of all the AC!

3. Taxis are a reasonable travel method

Often when you are on holiday abroad you are raking up the costs due to travel, and in particular, taxis can be expensive. However, in the UAE they are much more reasonable and are one of the better ways to get around, as there is the Metro system, but a lot of the stations are in somewhat inconvenient locations.

4. Be very careful with public affection

You may well see on the news the trouble holidaymakers have found themselves in for kissing in public, including couples being arrested, so if you do not want the same to happen to you, avoid kissing and of course, anything else that takes the romance further.

5. It is very hot!

I know this is an obvious one as most are aware of the heat within the UAE, but you may not realize just how hot it can keep especially in the Summer. Put it this way, it can be 55C+ in the shade! If you find it hard to cope with the heat, be especially careful and you should take all steps you can to keep your temperature down as much as possible in a sensible fashion, and of course, keep hydrated.

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6. Be careful where you step

Something that you may be surprised to discover is that there are not many pavements around like you will be used to in other countries, or where there are some, they are a bit ‘vague’. So please watch your step!

7. You could probably spend a day in the malls alone!

Dubai is known for its impressive malls and it is not just the sheer amount of shops contained inside them. They are packed with aquariums, ski slopes, ice rinks, cinemas and other attractions-plenty to keep you entertained all in one building!

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8. The spas can make you feel fantastic

You may not be aware, but this is a country with spas on another level! There are lots to choose from including beauty clinics in the malls, but also luxury hotels, although expensive, offer some amazing treatments that can help make mind, body and soul feel great.

9. The weekend is different

Yes, in the UAE Friday and Saturday count as the weekend and Sunday is a workday. This is good to keep in mind for travel reasons as well as some attractions may only be open on the weekend or vice versa for great Dubai city tour.

10. It is a very hospitable country

It is largely likely in part since those in the service industry in this country know that most of their income will come from the thriving tourism industry that has led the UAE to be one of the most hospitable countries in the world. This means you can expect some world-class service in hotels, restaurants, spas and any other attractions you choose to visit.

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Chris Albert – Experienced travel blogger with passionate content writing specialist for various topics for traveling and all that.

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