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Dubai Holiday Tips

Dubai is a wonderful place to visit. It is full of picturesque scenery, sandy beaches, splendid desserts, fine malls, and other breathtaking attractions. It is home to the tallest skyscrapers, lively nightlife and so many activities that will keep you busy throughout your stay in Dubai. Even so, here are a few holiday tips for Dubai that you need to bear in mind as you plan your trip.

Ideal time to visit

The best time to take a holiday in Dubai is from November to March. The weather during this period is cool and rainy because it is the winter season. If you want to make the most of your trip, plan to travel before the peak season.

This is between mid-November and early December or the first two weeks of March. You will enjoy better hotel prices and less crowded places. Consider booking flights and hotels early as well.


Another holiday tip for Dubai is that nightlife is vibrant. There are many high-end clubs and bars where you can loosen a bit and dance the night away. Alcohol can be bought and drank within these premises. Note that pubs close at 3:00 a.m. and getting inebriated in public is a firm no-no.

Superb spas

Rather than going to beauty clinics in malls, plan to visit the spas in the city. Armonia Spa is one of the spas that will offer you an unforgettable and amazing experience. It has all types of massages and baths. It is also a beauty and wellness spa with great irresistible offers.

Respect for religion and culture

Dubai is a largely Muslim country that takes her culture seriously. In case you visit during their fasting month of Ramadan, exercise caution. Do not eat and drink in front of the locals during this time.

It is not necessary to cover your hair but you should at least dress appropriately. If you are a man, do not walk around shirtless, no matter the heat. If you are a woman, wear knee-length or longer clothes that are not see-through.

Avoid displaying affection in public. It does not have to be explicit. Holding hands and kissing in plain view of everyone can land you in trouble.

Taking photographs with the locals or of the locals without their permission is offensive. It should be avoided.

Note also that weekends in Dubai are on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is, therefore, the first day of the week. Organize yourself with this in mind.

Movement within Dubai

You can use a bus, metro or taxi. Renting a car or bicycle is another way to ease movement. It is not advisable to walk as there are no footpaths and cars move very fast (120 km/h). Though cheap, a bus or metro will leave you in a general location. The taxi will take you to the exact place at a fair rate.

There is ample security, so you do not have to fear for your life or that you will be robbed. Make your holiday memorable in Dubai by observing the above-mentioned tips. You will have a hassle-free time filled with fun and peace.

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