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Shopping in Dubai: Fill Your Baggage

Dubai is renowned as one of the best shopping cities in the universe. No matter what is your economic status, there is a place for everyone to shop according to their budget.

Many shopping malls and boutiques will wink at you if you cross them, hence you can’t avoid their invitation.

There are loads of high-end, luxurious shopping malls for the high-end segments; meanwhile, budget friendly persons can also fulfil their desires over shopping.

Dubai welcomes everyone…


These malls are abundantly filled with world-class brands with the expensive price tags. People, who are not at all hesitating about emptying their wallet, will always take a present here. Plenty of hi-fi malls are available in Dubai and some of them are:


Dubai Mall

It is the world’s largest mall by area and 13th largest in the world by leasable space. Its size is as equal to the size of 50 football fields with 4 floors, ice skating yard, a huge aquarium, underwater zoo and more than 1200 shops/restaurants. It takes around an hour to finish rounding a floor without going any shops.

This mall is an A-Z mall for the world’s high-end consumer groups. It is also for those who want to hit the hat trick by seeing the aquarium, shops, food court, and ice rink, everything in one goes. Each wing is categorised, so it will be easy to find a variety and buy. Fashion Avenue takes a lot of people into it and hence it makes an apt place for a fashion maniac.

You can barely expect any discounts and offers or a budget-friendly shopping here. But you can explore to get to know the most recent trends happening in markets. The mall can be visited at all times of the year, with added attractions in-season times such as Eid, Christmas and New Year etc.


Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the emirates is otherwise said as the eye of the Emirates. This is known as the world’s first shopping resort that includes not only 630 high-end shopping stores but also a theme park, freezing indoor ski resort and ski Dubai, magic planet (otherwise called as entertainment planet), snowboarding, tobogganing and saying “HI” to the PENGUINS (miracle to see a penguin in DESERT LAND). It would perhaps not be incorrect to state that this is shopping cum entertainment.


BurJuman Mall

This mall is in the centre of the Dubai ‘BUR DUBAI’. It also has so many international brands in its hands that will take a day to list. If you want to choose a perfect brand for your up to date fashion, park the car in Bur Juman and start the shopping. It also recently opened 14 screens VOX cinemas with 2D and 3D capabilities. Bur Juman won three awards in the International Council of Shopping Centers’  The Middle East & North Africa awards program for “MARKETING EXCELLENCE”.


Wafi Mall

A 10 minutes travel from the Dubai International Airport, we can go to WAFI MALL.  Those who are interested in the arts section must have a look at this mall because WAFI MALL is fully constructed in the theme of EGYPTIAN ART. Entering into this mall, makes us feel like we are somewhere in a pyramid. It has 350 shops, 150 souk retailers and much more to explore, it doesn’t fail to attract kids as well because it has a swimming pool and a play area inside it. It also includes a miniature golf course which can hardly be seen in other malls.


Mirdif City Centre

Just like other shopping malls, Mirdif city centre also has so many brands in its block that includes fashion, hypermarkets, households, speciality stores, textiles, cafes, restaurants, bowling and the magic planet. Be prepared to pay at the payment desks in Mirdiff city centres’ stores.

This is not an end to the high-class shopping malls. There are also numerous international brand showrooms and boutiques that can be seen in Dubai city. Dubai’s smartest idea to bring all the people to its country is SHOPPING FESTIVAL DUBAI. This city even takes the name of selling sports and rich man cars in a huge number.

But Dubai not only satisfies the thirst for millionaires and billionaires, it has equal consideration for middle and low budgets as well.


There are plenty of moderately priced stores for shopping available in Dubai. If you are an expert, you can challenge the high-end malls to purchase the same kind of fashion things for an affordable price (but quality does vary). Some of such stores are


Carrefour Market

Carrefour is a French multinational retailer which has 19 hypermarkets and 28 supermarkets in UAE. These outlets owned by Majid Al Futtaim who is an Emirati holding company based in Dubai. They resemble some wholesale stores in London and America such as Tesco and Primark. It is most commonly found as a hypermarket which has everything in their services. Clothes, perfumes, eatables, chocolates, toiletries, kitchenware, fashion, whatever customer needs, Carrefour promises to provide them with an excellent quality. The price range here is affordable and worth the product.


Lulu Hypermarket

It is one of the largest retail chains in Asia and biggest in The Middle East with 128 outlets. There are numerous lulus in UAE and each one attracts customers with different promotions each week. It is a budget-friendly hypermarket, whereas the quality assurance is beyond the expectation.


Brands for Less

Branded product always differs from unbranded in every aspect. A good and famous brand is always rated top both in price and quality. When such brands come for a lower price, who on earth will deny buying that. So, persons who are admired by brands can have a ramp on these stores as there are so many “BRANDS FOR LESS” shops in Dubai.


Dubai Souks

Dubai is popularly named for its souks (markets). Those who booked to visit Dubai don’t forget to wander in the souks of Dubai. Fabric lovers can have a glance on textile souks, chefs and home-makers could follow their nose to spices souk, scent addicts should drop in the perfume souks and for the golden people who are up to invest in gold, should make an entry at gold souks.

AL MADINA, AL MANAMA, RAMEZ, UNION CO-OP, NESTO, are some of the other famous hypermarkets/supermarkets that can be most commonly seen in nook and corner of the Dubai city. These are highly useful for the residents.


Listed above is just 1% of Dubai’s shopping. Dubai also welcomes bargaining experts who can enrol in low-end stores. Probably some best places to a person who is always under a budget line can follow.


Day To Day Markets

Buying all the necessary items needed for the day to day life at a most affordable price is not easy. But Dubai doesn’t fail to serve this to its visitors. Day to day markets are shopping markets where we can buy can everything under a fixed price that ranges from 1-5 AED, 1-10 AED, 1-20 AED. But we need to schedule really few more extra hours to finish shopping at such stores, as their ranges extend to be seamless.


How to attract customers can be learnt from Dubai’s discount centres, because these centres are with a new offer each day. A shop called “GREENHOUSE” is very common among the Dubai people which are well known as a discount centre. Households, kitchenware, clothing, footwear, body care, baby care, perfumes, almost everything can be bought at a discounted price.


Friday Market Dubai

Yes! As the name states, Friday market is available only on FRIDAY. If you are wondering what to do over the weekend, just check out the Friday market in HAMRIYA, DUBAI. Here you’ll see Emiratis selling local commodities for lower prices than in the shops. You’ll be able to buy fruits, handicrafts, fresh vegetables, some traditional Emirati and Indian snacks.

Again, to sum up, experiences in UAE be travel, shopping or living cannot be summed up in a post. But our aim is to promote a snapshot to the prospective. Keep visiting UAE CENTRAL for more updates on UAE.

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