Cool Car Gadgets Every Driver Should Have in Dubai

Modern inventions have proved to be very handy and they facilitated our lives.

I bet you agree…

Nowadays, life in Dubai depends on modernity and technological items to solve our problems. Whether it is the RTA App to pay our dues, the Alexa to switch on our lights or even apps to deliver our groceries and fuel our cars, almost any issue we face technology has found a way to help us live our daily life with comfort and luxury.

Just like all other aspects of life, you can elevate your driving experience by owning clever tools that can not only ease the small things in life but also improve the value of your car which would be most useful if you ever decide to sell the car in Dubai.

That’s why we are here to help you choose the most useful and definitely needed car gadgets to help you have a comfortable and luxurious drive.

1. CarAIDE

This tool made it first on the list – that is how amazing it is! It is a true life-saver and every vehicle owner must have it.

It is a small tool that can easily fit in your glove compartment and has many features that makes it a unique gadget – tiny but mighty!

  • Works as a battery jump-start tool without the need of another car which comes in handy if you ever get stuck in the middle of Dubai’s desert with no one to help.
  • Shaped as a flashlight to fit naturally in your hand and also works as a portable light.
  • You can use it to break the car windows or cut seat belts in a situation of emergency.
  • It also has a compass and USB charging port that can charge your phone and laptop.
  • Did we mention it is also a burglar alarm?

Multi-tasking indeed…

A CarAide is a functional tool that doesn’t require any space and it is one tool that can do it all.

2. Wide Curve Rear View Mirror

Mirrors are vital parts of every car and certainly, no one can drive or park the car without them especially when we are trying to change lanes on Dubai roads.

Our normal mirrors have always been there to help us view the streets, but they do not always provide us a clear and true view of what’s behind you which gives you a hard time while parking plus the endless shoulder check.

This is why Lexus introduced it in early 2020 in their Hybrid models. They made the world a little safer by replacing the old-style mirrors with smart digital ones.

Well, since those have not yet been released for individual sale, we have found a simpler option – Wide Curve Rear View Mirror usually used in trucks to help them see blind spots.

Now you have a not so expensive fix to help you with a safe and smooth parking experience in such a busy city as Dubai.

3. Mini Tire Inflator

Small in size, big in performance…

This gadget is not bigger than palm size, yet it can fix any flat tire of any vehicle in a minute.

All you need to do is to connect the device then press the red button and wait for a few seconds. Voila! You’ve just inflated the tire.

The Mini Tire Inflator also comes with a mini screen to help you control the power level and show you the remaining charge.

You can charge it easily using your car’s lighter socket.

You can also use this tool to inflate anything you want from a mini ball to a car tire to an inflated bed.

That sounds like a great bargain, right?!

Especially if you’re one of Dubai’s adventure driven travelers who might get stuck with a flat tire in the midst of the desert.

4. Deltran Portable 12-V

The magical gadget that will make changing any car’s wheel a breeze…

Deltran is a small portable jet that was designed to fit in the trunk of all cars even the smallest ones and to fit under any vehicle.

Wondering what it can do?

Well, it can lift all types of cars even the big SUV ones and It doesn’t require any effort at all. One-click and it will lift your car by itself.

It also has a safety system, so if the tool gets disconnected from the power, it locks everything in place guaranteeing your safety and your car’s as well.

No more struggle when you are fixing a tire!

Now that you have the ultimate list of the coolest gadgets for your car in Dubai, it’s time to go on that shopping spree to make your travel on the roads the ultimate experience.

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