Top 5 Tips for a Fun Family Photo Shoot

Family moments are something to cherish. Whether they are special events or just the simple, everyday things, these are the times that are treasured forever.

That is why a family pictorial is a traditional activity that shows no signs of slowing down. It is an effort to capture these wonderful moments together, in the hopes of somehow preserving these memories through photos.

The Family That Smiles Together

When you want to capture your family moments on film (or digital bytes), then you have to make sure that you make the necessary preparation to ensure that everything will go smoothly. It is not enough that you have the desire to gather everyone together and have just anyone click away.

Here are five helpful basic tips for a smooth-sailing and fun family photo shoot:

1. Agree as a Family

Family pictorials are fantastic, especially if every member is present. Before scheduling a photo shoot, make sure that you talk to each family member and get their vote.

Try to gather everyone and ask their opinion regarding whether they are all willing to do a photo shoot. Some members may be quite shy or may think that they don’t have enough time to commit to the activity, so you have to find a way to encourage them to participate and to make the schedule work for everyone.

Getting everyone’s vote will also make it more enjoyable to have everyone in on the idea, so that there’s a sense of ownership and belongingness.

2. Choose a Photographer

It is best if you get a professional family photographer to take your photos. Not only will this mean you will have great-looking pictures, but it will also significantly lessen your stress since you know that you are in good hands.

When looking for a professional photographer, look through portfolios on websites. You can also ask for recommendations from friends and family. If you have more time, then try to visit photography studios as well.

There will be a lot of photographers to choose from, but keep in mind that you should get the one that fits your needs the most. There are those who specialize in a particular type of photography, such as maternity, weddings, or family portraits. Go for the one whose style you like most, and schedule a meeting.

It is crucial that you personally meet with the photographer so you can establish rapport as well as discuss the details of your pictorial. It will also give the photographer a chance to know you and prepare well on his end.

3. Decide on a Theme

It’s better if you can come up with a theme or concept for your family photo session. It doesn’t need to be fantastical or elaborate, but it can help give your shots a more cohesive look.

Discuss it with the whole family so you can have a theme that you are all agreeable to. It will also help make the shoot more fun since everyone has agreed to the concept.

Make sure that you also discuss the theme with the photographer as they may have some photography considerations to take care of. If so, you can still have time to either tweak, prepare for, or altogether scrap and replace the idea.

4. Pick a Venue

When you have decided on a theme or concept, then you can now pick a venue. It can be in a studio or on location, depending on what you have all agreed upon.

Make sure that the venue is also discussed with your photographer and other suppliers, such as your make-up team and stylist, if you do have them. Everyone who is involved with the photo shoot should be informed of the venue ahead of time so they can also make the necessary preparations.

Whether the shoot is held indoors or outdoors, make sure that you also arrange to have food and beverages ready at the venue. If you have caterers, also inform them of the rules and regulations, if there are any. You need to inform the venue managers of the details of your shoot as well, such as the time and date, the number of people coming, and the equipment to be brought in.

5. Have Fun

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Your painstaking preparations have all led to a day where everything is laid out and ready so all you need to do is sit back, relax, and pose for the camera.

Make sure that everyone gets a good night’s sleep on the night before, especially if you have little ones. Eat a hearty breakfast on the morning of the shoot so no one will be grumpy with tummies growling. Also, make sure that outfits have been laid out and prepared the day before or that all your suppliers are aligned with the call time and venue.

Precious Moments, Captured

It is always best to be prepared. When you want to capture family moments in pictures, then you must have everything ready so everyone can relax, let loose and flash a brilliant, happy smile. The thought of having a trusted professional photographer behind the lens also helps a lot since you won’t have to worry about how the shots will turn out.

All you need to do is look your best, enjoy the moment with your family, and look forward to seeing the beautifully captured moments.

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