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A Day in the UAE With Kids: 10 Activities for a Fun-Filled Day Out

The United Arab Emirates has earned a reputation as one of the leading business and tourist destinations, not just in the MENA region, but also in the whole world.

But if you are visiting with your kids, you are probably wondering if there are any fun activities and destinations that they can check out in the emirate.

Fortunately, the UAE has plenty of interesting places to offer, including those geared for children. The emirate has something for everyone — whether you’re seeking new thrills, the latest gaming technologies, or even artistic and cultural experiences.

Here’s a brief list of activities and destinations you can check out with the rest of the gang.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheik Zayed Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has been voted one of the must-see destinations in Abu Dhabi, at par with other global landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Taj Mahal.

Although the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is primarily a place of worship, it offers a few attractions for the whole family.

For starters, you can go on a free guided tour to learn more about Islam. From there, you can explore its different areas, including its courtyard and grounds.

The Louvre

Lourve Abu Dhabi
Image Credit: The National

For the budding artist in the family, no trip to Abu Dhabi would be complete without making a stop at The Louvre.

You can start by exploring its museum and check out the items on display. The Louvre also frequently hosts different workshops and activities throughout the year.

Al Seef

Al Seef Dubai
Image Credit: Time Out Dubai

Although Dubai is often pictured as a cosmopolitan city, its residents are steeped in its rich history. If you wish to experience this history with your family, you should visit the Al Seef.

There, you will learn about Dubai’s history, including Old Dubai’s pearl diving industry. You can then roam the area and check its establishments. Or if your kids are up for some water adventure, you can take an abra to see a different side of Dubai.

Mattel Play! Town

Mattel Play Down
Image Credit: Play Town Dubai

Dance with Angelina. Learn with Barney. Travel with Thomas & Friends. Save lives with Fireman Sam. Build a town with Bob.

If your kids are fans of these television shows, there is probably no better place to visit than Mattel Play! Town. This Dubai edutainment park offers children (and their parents) the opportunity to make their fantasies a reality, and have fun with all of their favorite characters.

Laguna Waterpark

Laguna Waterpark
Image Credit: Laguna Water Park

Take a respite from Dubai’s heat and visit the Laguna Waterpark. Experience Dubai’s surfing hub. Try different water slides. Frolic in the swimming pools. Or simply spend a lazy afternoon in one of the waterpark’s cabanas while sampling delectable food and drinks.

Hub Zero

Hub Zero Dubai
Image Credit: The National

Elevate your family’s gaming experience at Hub Zero. Here, you can embrace the Ghostbuster movie experience with The Void, a fully sensory, fully immersive hyper-reality VR experience.

Enter the Virtual Arena and test your mettle in a wireless virtual reality competition. Or race to the finish line in Hyperdrive, a racing simulator.

If you want to play something a little more traditional, Hub Zero also offers billiards, karaoke, indoor climbing, and classic arcade video games.

The Green Planet

The Green Planet
Image Credit: Dxb Venues

Kindle your children’s sense of wonder by visiting The Green Planet, Dubai’s premier indoor rainforest park.

The park boasts over 3,000 plants and animals from around the world, from animals that can only be found in Australia to reptiles, insects, fishes.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari

Like other countries in the region, the UAE is firmly rooted in Bedouin culture. And the best way to immerse yourself and your family in that culture is through a desert safari.

Activities can vary from one company to another. However, a typical safari experience will include camel riding, falconry, traditional dances, and barbecues. On top of those, you can also try modern adventures like dune buggy riding, sandboarding, and quad biking.

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Safety first

While you are out and about having a fun time with your kids, exploring what the UAE has to offer, always make safety a priority as kids are especially prone to getting distracted and wandering away. Here are a few essential safety tips to remember.

Start them Young

As early as possible, teach your children to avoid talking to and coming away with strangers. They should also know that in case they get lost while the family is outside, they should seek out the police, shop keepers, or even families with kids for help. Finally, your children should know your hotel address and contact numbers.

While Outside

But even with these precautions, sometimes, unexpected things can happen.

As a parent, the first important thing that you should strictly follow is to keep your child within your line of vision, whether you are in an indoor park, mall, or museum.

If you have toddlers who are curious and ready to explore, you might want to invest in reins. This ensures that you have a safety measure in place in case you get momentarily distracted, especially if you are out with a big party.

Before exploring a place, it is a good idea to designate a particular area as a meeting point in case someone gets lost.

When using public transportation, it is best to travel together to avoid getting separated into smaller groups.

Finally, make sure that you accompany your children if they are going to use the bathroom.

Visiting the UAE

If you are planning on visiting the UAE, the best time to do that would be during the winter, between November and March. During this period, the weather is pleasant and cool. The downside is that it is the emirate’s peak season for tourists. If you wish to avoid large crowds, you can schedule your visit during summer, between May and September. But the major drawback is the intense heat and humidity.

Traveling in and around in the UAE is relatively easy, primarily due to the country’s topnotch public transport system. Plus, many establishments are kid-friendly.

As one of the truly global countries in the world, you will not have a problem getting the necessities. If your kids are hankering for a taste of home, international food chains are within easy reach. That means that whether your kids want to go on a culinary, cultural, or play adventure, you will surely find something that they’ll like.

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