Top 10 Point Checklist for Relocation in UAE

Relocating to new places is always very exciting, but can also be very daunting at times due to the immense task of shifting your belongings. Moving is most definitely a part of life and is a fresh start for most individuals. The opportunities of meeting new people and exploring new places always leave a sense of excitement and wonderment. While some people may find the prospect of relocating to another Place a little expensive, the perks are endless.

One can always find numerous attractive options for housing, higher job opportunities with good salaries and low taxes for businesses. Thus, many people are taking the leap of faith and taking a step forward for relocate to a new location.

If you are relocating your house or office to a new location, you must need to follow the below checklist.

1. Sifting through belongings at your old house/office

Take a whole week out to slowly go through each room and sort out what’s important and what needs to be discarded. You’d be amazed how much useless stuff you’ve accumulated during your stay there. Decluttering is an imperative part of making the move in order to have a fresh start at your new place.

2. Visit the new location in advance

Although this seems fairly obvious, it is very important that you get a good gist of the general space that you have and map out what you would require once you make the move.

3. Carefully plan out the layout of your new house/office

It is always good practice to plan your future layout ahead of time in order to know what stuff you can move there and what should be discarded. This is the second step in decluttering in order to clean up your new house/office. If it doesn’t fit into your current layout, discard it or sell it.

4. Make the decision whether to hire a professional moving company or do it yourself

This decision defines whether your move would transition smoothly or whether you’re going to have a horrific experience. It seems very fairly easy to do itself and save some money. This is most definitely not the case. Normally the mistake people make is hiring a rental truck company and asking their friends to help them move. Since your friends or local labor that you’re looking to hire are not experienced in moving heavy materials, things can go south really quickly.

Hiring a professional moving company would absolutely be the best possible decision as you would get a team of experienced professionals who know how to handle stuff with care and would wind up your move in no time with the least amount of hassle. There are loads of moving companies out there, and with a little research you can find ones with very affordable pricing as well. These companies take into consideration every requirement that you may have and with their dedicated staff make your transition a lot easier.

5. Figure out which items need to be handled with care

Not every item can be hauled off and shoved in the back of the truck. Items such as for example, your fancy china need to be marked and labeled properly in order for the mover to know that this particular package needs to be handled with care. Ask your moving company to wrap up your breakable items very carefully. Use the right amount of packing paper in order to safely secure items such as glass breakables etc. The most common mistake people make is not to use bubble wrap and plenty of paper and just assume that the movers/friends helping you move would handle those items ease.

6. Carefully assess how much stuff needs to be moved

If you’re adamant about moving all of your stuff yourself, you need to be very analytical about getting the right type of truck. If it’s a two-story house, you probably need to book the largest type of truck possible since there are weight thresholds that each truck can carry.

7. Sell off stuff that isn’t of use

This is an excellent way to raise up some money. Sift around the house and have a garage sale! The useless items can help you pay off your moving company and also get necessary items for your new home! If you’re a hoarder, this is your time to shine!

8. Start Packing!

Don’t procrastinate! You’ll regret it. People tend to put this portion of the move off till the very end. If you’re planning on doing it yourself, try to allow yourself to pack at your own pace. Make sure you’re not stuffing everything into one carton because that carton will eventually collapse with too much weight. Buy loads of packing paper for your breakable items and start at least a week in advance in order to fully secure your items.

9. Make sure all of your belongings follow housing protocols

Your new location might have strict housing codes that need to be followed to the letter in order to avoid legal action. It is always handy to get to know the legal codes of your area well in. Get in touch with your realtor, they’d be able to best guide you of the requirements.

10. Choose a moving company that provides coverage for broken items

Most companies skimp out on offering insurance to their clients to avoid legal problems down the road. While doing your research, be sure to find a moving company that provides insurance for items damaged. Accidents can always happen and being a little cautious can prevent you from a huge financial drawback.

Thus, keep the above 10 tips in mind if you wish to have peace of mind whilst moving to your new location. Hiring a moving service would save you from the endless headaches and finding the right moving service for you isn’t difficult at all, you can find tons of contact details online. All the best with your relocation! Hope our tips help!

Writing Credits: Mr. David from ALFA Movers LLC Dubai has contributed in this Article; he is an expert moving crew from Dubai, and has been working in the moving industry since 2007.

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