A Guide to Dry Cleaning and Finding a Reputable Local Dry Cleaner in Dubai

Being in a city like Dubai, where life is rolling up the sleeves and traffic is sometime running you late, household chores become a struggle to cope. Business errands and other essential day-to-day tasks keep you so busy that the things like dry cleaning your business outfits or your special fabrics pose another burden. But we can’t get away with it at any cost, to attend a meeting, to get-to-gather, to get the favorite shirt stain-free, to get specific clothes cleaned, it is always going to get in your way. Here is a quick guide to finding reputable local dry cleaners in Dubai with a brief process.

What is dry cleaning, and why is it needed?

For ages, laundry washing for rich fabrics is avoided, especially silk, rayon, wool blends, etc. These materials are “water-loving” in nature and are termed hydrophilic fabrics. They worsen in condition due to the water bonds. Consequently, dry cleaning protects these luxurious legacy fabrics while keeping them clean and stainless. In this process, petroleum-based solutions (like perchloroethylene) other than water-based solvents like detergents are used to clean those clothes. These solvents refrain from bonding with the cloth fibers restricting any shriveling or enlargement due to water-based bonds.

How to quickly sort your laundry into dry clean only and regular wash and fold?

While sorting your laundry and separating clothes, you need to keep in mind the following things:

  • If the cloth is made of heritage or luxurious fabric
  • If the stain in the material is too intense to be cleaned in the case of regular fabrics.
  • Are there embellishments on the cloth!

You would often not have to worry a lot about identifying these dry-clean-only clothes as you will always find a label on the fabric, which clearly states if the fabric is dry-cleaned only or not. In general, if you aren’t sure of ruining your favorite garment by water washing or in cases where the label is empty or doesn’t give a clear idea, you can verify by a simplistic method. Soak a swab from the fabric with a gentle cleanser and dab it on a hidden surface and inspect for any colorfast(the dye shouldn’t come out) or fabric loss; it provides you a notion whether cloth can be water washed or not.

Why go for a local dry cleaner?

Dry cleaning or laundry is mostly a last-minute task for many as the timings become too tight with the hectic work and household schedules. Trusting a local dry cleaner resolves all these issues. They have professionals who possess the skills to handle this peculiar cleaning task and do it with the utmost care and return the fabric as it is.

Things to consider when finding a reputable local dry cleaner in Dubai

Here are the essential things you must consider while selecting a dry-cleaning service:

  • Fabric test and quality inspection:

Nor all fabrics, neither all stains need a dry wash. At times, it may even damage your clothes. Opt for a laundry that ensures they run a cross-check on your clothes before tossing your clothes at the dry cleaners.

  • Turn around time:

It would help if you considered the turn-around-time wisely because there could be express deliveries of tidily packaged clothes. Most of the dry cleaners in Dubai, including Whites laundry, get you your garments within a day of the pick-up. This time is an estimate of what you must strive for in terms of turnaround time. You must also be prepared well in advance for a time frame of 24hrs-48hrs for your clean clothes to be delivered, if not exclusively stated.

  • Trustworthiness:

Assure that the cleaners you opt for are genuine and sincere and implement accurate safety standards with specialists who hold a quality understanding of fabrics. You can verify this by reading google reviews, client testimonials, visiting their social media, etc. You can additionally try ordering fewer clothes for the first time and self-assess the state of clothes you receive.

  • Pick-up and delivery:

These services help you save many hassle and time you otherwise spend waiting in long queues and traffic while commuting. Dropping and picking up your laundry also becomes a problem if the stores have specific storefront hours for dropping and picking up clothes. You may wish to opt for a laundry service that offers door-to-door services.

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