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Things To Look Out For When Selling Your Watch Online

Selling luxury watches can be a great way to earn cash or upgrade to a new one. Before you sell your watch, there are some points to consider to get the best price for your timepiece. To help you explore these points, we have created an in-depth guide that you must go through.

Selling a watch online

The online market has been growing rapidly for the last few decades due to the ease of buying and selling. With luxury watches, you will find many online marketplaces that offer buying and selling of luxury watches.

Instead of going to physical stores, you can now sell watches in Dubai online from the ease of your couch. All you need is little research to get a fair price for your timepiece.

Things to consider before selling a watch

There are many important things to be considered before you sell your watch. The most critical points are discussed below, from which you can start.

Market Value:

First of all, you must know the value of your watch. You should know what the demand and supply of this watch are. If the watch you sell is rare, you will get a better price than a watch with high demand and low supply.

You can check the price of your watch from different websites and compare the price of your watch model from different stores. This will give you an idea of the current value of your watch.

Authenticate your watch

When you sell watches in Dubai, it is important that the watch you own is authentic. There have been many cases where people try to sell their watches and discover that it is a counterfeit. If you bought it from some authentic dealership, there is nothing to worry about. In contrast, if you got the watch from somewhere else, get it authenticated by some watch expert.


In terms of condition, a watch can be categorized into unworn, excellent, fair or poor. Before you ask for any price, you must know in what condition your watch is in. A rare watch in unworn or excellent condition can even be sold at a higher price than it was bought.

Gather Documents

Gather all the stuff related to the watch, such as its certificate, receipt and box etc. Watches with boxes and receipts are sold at relatively high prices. These watches are considered complete and unaltered. This can raise the value of your watch up to 20 percent.

Tips to get the best price for your timepiece

There are some industry secrets from which you can uplift the value of your watch. The below tips can be really helpful for you.

Service your watch:

When it comes to Swiss watches, it is very important to get your watch serviced every now and then. The cost of old watches depends on their condition and functionalities. Service your watch before showing it to any buyer, no matter online or offline. This will increase the market value of your watch and can help you get extra thousands.

Make sure that you are servicing your watch with an authorized watchmaker or jeweler. Don’t give your watch in the hands of any inexperienced watchmaker.

Create photos

“Sell the sizzling, not the steak” Get your watch photos clicked by some professional. Photos should have all the angles by which the condition of a watch can be seen easily. You can use these photos for marketing.

Write description

Write a brief description of your watch. You may have to do research to know more about watches, such as which movement is used, what complications are there in watches and what material is used for its manufacturing.

With the right choice of words, you can attract collectors and enthusiasts. You can take help from some writers to make your strategy strong.


Be prepared to negotiate with buyers. Watch lovers will try to buy vintage timepieces at lower prices. You can say straight no if the price being offered is too low or not reasonable.

Find a selling platform

There are many online platforms that are very helpful in buying or selling watches. Some selling platforms may charge some percentage of your selling price. You can also use groups to sell your watch, such as the Facebook marketplace. You will find many watch lovers on social media platforms.


When shipping a luxury watch, it is very important to buy shipping insurance. Before you think of saving on this, think about the expensive watch in there. It can save you from a huge loss. Also, make sure that the watch is securely packed and will not get damaged.


When selling the watch online, it is crucial to choose the right payment method. Use a payment method that offers buyer and seller protection. You can also use a cash or wire transfer method, but it is not considered good in terms of the security of the buyer and seller.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, before you sell a watch do proper research of the watch brand and model you own. By considering the above points, you will surely get the best price for your luxury watch. It is better to get help from some watch experts to keep you on the safe side.

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