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Seven Tips for Maximizing Credit Card Rewards in UAE

DUBAI, UAE – (Arab Newswire) — Everyone loves to shop, be it purchasing clothes from a mall, shopping online, or buying. But what if people could earn rewards while they spend on these retail purchases? With rewards and cashback credit cards, every customer can get redeemable points, cash rebates and more on his/her purchases. Read below to know how a customer can also maximize these rewards.

7 Ways to Maximize Credit Card Rewards

If a customer is new to the world of credit cards or if they already own a few cards, then these seven tips will help him/her use the cards to his/her financial advantage and get the maximum value for the rewards. Also, a customer needs to use the right card for the right purchase to earn more rewards and make the most out of his/her everyday spending.

  1. Credit Cards for Food and Groceries:

Cashback credit cards and Rewards cards that offer additional benefits for common purchases, such as food, groceries, etc., are a great addition to a customer’s wallet. These cards help him/her earn significant rewards on everyday spends, helping him/her accumulate more cashback or redeemable points.

  1. Consider Gas Rewards:

If a customer tends to visit a gas station frequently to fill gas or fuel, then using a credit card that also provides high rewards on these purchases will be a better option.

  1. Check for Welcome Bonus:

Many banks offer a welcome bonus amount when customers opt for a new credit card. This bonus amount can help the customers kickstart their rewards or cashback earnings.

  1. Make the Most of the Card’s Perks:

Along with offering cashback or reward points, some of the credit cards also offer additional perks, such as airport lounge access or perks for hotel stayse, that a customer can use to his/her benefit.

  1. Easy Instalment Plans:

Most credit cards help customers convert their credit card retail transactions into easy instalments. With the payment of each instalment, they can also earn reward points.

  1. Use Credit Cards for Big Purchases:

When customers are planning to spend their money on huge purchases, like rent, school fees, etc., it is better if they use their credit card for such transactions. These big spends can help customers earn high rewards, which can then be redeemed for cash rebates, gift cards and more.

  1. Pay Bills Using Credit Cards:

Use credit cards to pay monthly bills, such as regular subscriptions to video streaming apps, monthly electricity bills and more, to earn rewards on every payment.


From getting direct cashback into the account to availing offers and discounts, making purchases using credit cards can help customers save a lot of money. Even though there are many cashback and rewards cards in the market, choosing the best credit cards that will help customers maximize rewards and are in sync with their needs, lifestyle and budget is equally important.


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