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Top 8 Online Notepads that are used to Write Engaging Content in 2022!

Do you not want to use an old-fashioned notepad for writing content?

Panic not!

This article has your back. In times like these, technology has made our lives easier and provided us with multiple notepads.

Whether you want to write a website copy or product description, there are multiple ways to get your thoughts down and write your crucial ideas on an online notepad.

An online notepad is more than just a practical tool. It can be a source of joy and a covetable tool that turns note-taking into a sublime experience. How amazing it is!

What are the best online notepad tools to use in 2022?

No worries!

Here is a list of the top eight online notepad tools you should use in 2022. Let’s get started!

1. Evernote

Are you tired of not having the most relevant content related to your niche when you need it the most?

Worry not!

This tool captures your important ideas and enables you to stay productive. It automatically saves your notes online. In this way, you can download your content to your device.


You can use this tool to create significant tasks inside your notes in order to streamline your workflow. Using this tool, you can have the exact information at your fingertips.


This online notepad tool enables you to jot down your ideas on it. You can use this tool while writing your first draft. Whether you are using Windows, Linux, or Android, this tool is compatible with all devices.

Most significantly, you do not need to spend a single cent on using this tool: it is absolutely free.

Following are the matchless features of this tool:

· Computes the Word Count

When you start writing the content or copy-paste it, this tool instantly shows the total number of written characters, words, and even lines.

In this way, you can stay within the word limit and write awesome content that reaches the exact word count.

· No Installation

Before using this notepad, you do not need to install any particular software. Instead, you only need a stable internet connection.

· Lock the File

This tool enables you to lock the document so that no one else sees it. It means that your locked file will remain confidential.

· Text Editing

Text editing is one of the most advanced features of this online notepad tool. Once you have written your entire content and want to fine-tune it through editing, this feature got you covered.

It offers you these three premium features:

  • Plain text note
  • Rich text note
  • Task list

This online text editor adds flavors to your content. With its rich-text note option, you can format the paragraph, change the font size and face, underline the text, and do many other amazing things.

Online Notepad

· Made Searching Easier

You can also use this online notepad tool to find information related to your article on Google. This tool directly links you with Google. So, it has made searching for concepts and information a lot easier.

· Auto-Saving of Documents

Once you start writing in this tool, you do not need to hit “Ctrl+S” every time. Instead, it automatically saves your content.

· Download the File

Once you have written the winning content, you can download it to your computer.


Editpad is an online text editor for editing your plan text. You can instantly open it and start writing your content. Also, you can copy-paste the content.


Following are the features of this tool:

· Word Count

This tool determines the total number of written or pasted words.

· Character Count

Using this tool, you can also check the total number of written characters.

· Download and Save

It allows you to save and download the edited text directly to your computer.


It is another free online notepad for writing your content. With this tool, you can write your crucial ideas, to-do list, and other plan text.

Just Notepad

Its AutoSave feature helps you restore your content as a draft even if you have powered off the system.

In this way, you can easily come towards your written content anytime. Furthermore, your written text will not be visible to anyone.

This notepad is not a text editor and does not provide text editing.


If you want to take online notes for writing a killer copy, you can use this tool to write content and share it with others. This tool enables you to write your content without any sign-up.

Notepad ltd

It automatically saves your content. Remember, your document is always saved, and you do not need to think about it even if your system is powered off.

You can also copy-paste your website copy into its input section and save your content in a better way.


Using this tool, you can manage your ideas under Windows. It gives you the simplest way to manage your notes.

With this tool, you can write your ideas, make lists, and access them across the globe. Plus, you do not need to panic about the content being lost somewhere online. Instead, you can continue your work from wherever you left it.

7. iTextPad

It is another note-taking tool that can be accessed from anywhere on the globe. You can easily write down engaging content by using this tool.


The real-ease factor of using this tool is that it gives you unlimited space to store your vital ideas without worrying about being stolen by someone else.

With its lock feature, you can lock your notes and give access to only those you want.

8. ClickUp Notepad

You can create a checklist and take online notes by using this tool. It gives you the ability to craft valuable ideas and enhance text’s readability with the rich text editor option.

This tool can be used with many other work management options.

Final thoughts

Here’s you have all the best online notepad tools in your hand!

We hope these free notepad tools help you to craft an appealing copy. So what are you waiting for?

Give these notepads a try and see the perfection in your content.

Best of luck!

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