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How to buy and sell used furniture Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the best marketplace in the world. If you are a citizen or expatriate living in Abu Dhabi with your family. Then must you need to know about the used furniture services in Abu Dhabi.

If you recently moved to Abu Dhabi and can’t afford to buy new furniture for your home don’t worry we give you the best solution to buy used furniture which is good in condition and cheap in price.

Najm Al Roken used furniture Abu Dhabi offer such kind of services like buy and sell second-hand household items.

  • Buy-sell full villa used furniture
  • Sell and buy house furniture
  • Buy and sell apartment furniture
  • Buy and sell full building used furniture
  • Sell and buy office furniture
  • Buy and sell hotel furniture
  • Salon furniture
  • Buy-sell home appliances
  • Sell and buy home decor items

There is a lot of benefits of using used furniture because it’s cheaper in price. You can get all kinds of luxury and royal furniture. The main benefit of choosing used furniture for your home is when you will sell it later this will not lose your money as compared to brand new furniture.

Used furniture buyers

Najm Al Roken is the best place to buy your used household items like furniture and home appliances. They offer reliable prices according to the quality of the item. If you have used furniture for sale in Abu Dhabi and looking for someone to buy it at valuable prices. Then Najm Al Roken is the best store for you.

The supervisor will reach your place and he will inspect all the items that you want to sell. After inspection, if the quality of the furniture is good then you will get a better price as compared to other buyers.

You will get cash once we agree to pick up the furniture. The team will arrive at a fixed time and they will start to pack the furniture and home appliances to pick it up at the store.

Used furniture for sale Abu Dhabi

All varieties of used furniture like royal, luxury, modern, smart, Ikea, local made American and Italian available in our store for sale. All kinds of home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, dishwashers, dryers, ovens, and computers, etc available for sale as well.

You will get the most reliable and affordable price according to the quality of items you choose. You will get free home delivery along with furniture carpenters and the helpers’ team. Make sure if you are living outside of Abu Dhabi and your home is in our range then little delivery charges will be applied.

Same-day delivery service once you paid you can expect your items to arrive in your home in the next 2 to 3 hours.

Second-hand house furniture

Our main focus to buy-sell is residential used furniture and home appliances. We try to provide the easiest way to the residents of Abu Dhabi to buy or sell used household items.

Najm Al Roken used furniture store has over one thousand monthly customers. All of our customer’s record save in clients database with our office team and we provide reliable service if the client revisit our store.

If you have used furniture in your house and you don’t have enough space to keep in your house. Then you can get a reliable offer according to the quality of your items. Just contact your and supervisor will ask you to visit your place or you can only send photos and videos through WhatsApp.

Make sure to send fresh photos and videos of your items for getting the estimated price. The deal will be canceled if there is any kind of major damage to the items.

Used office furniture

Buy and sell all types of office-used furniture and electronics. As we are located in Abu Dhabi we offer reliable and affordable used furniture service. The most professional used furniture traders will deal with you.

We trading for the below office furniture categories.

  • Office Desks
  • Director’s Desks
  • Writing Desks
  • Conference Tables
  • Office Chairs
  • Executive Chair
  • Conference Chairs
  • File Storage Unit

We deal only with good quality furniture and electronics. Because we sell to next clients in our store. Also, we guarantee the quality of items we sell.

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