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Rent a car in Dubai with Child booster seats

A child booster seat is a must-have accessory to rent a car in Dubai!

Child boosters are special editions designed for use when traveling with kids up to age 8. Having a child booster is not a luxury but a requirement when considering the laws and regulations of the UAE. The outstanding service of giving a child booster when renting a car in Dubai is provided by rent a car in Dubai.

You risk being penalized for not having a child booster seat in a foreign country and being unfamiliar with the local laws. Four black points and a fine of 400 AED are the penalties for violators. This may seem like an addition, but only parents of young children can appreciate this seat’s importance for their children’s comfort and safety.

Having naughty and agile kids can get you into many problems and prevent you from enjoying your trip.

Benefits of having a Child booster seat

Saves children from Accidents

Following UAE law, toddlers who outgrow their car seat must be seated in a kid booster seat. The seatbelt reaches the child’s chest and pelvis above the belly because the child is raised. This can be beneficial in adverse circumstances, such as an accident, and ensure that the youngster stays in the seat rather than being thrown. This has been shown to be a crucial accessory since it can prevent youngsters from suffering severe injuries in accidents.

Travel with ease

You can travel more effortlessly if your naughty child is restrained in a child booster seat. Additionally, it will prevent your kids from going near windows and doors. With this seat, you can enjoy your trip without stressing about lugging around your kid or keeping him out of the front seat.

Avoid paying a fine

The strict rules that the UAE has regarding kids in cars may not be known to a visitor. A child booster can prevent you from receiving a severe punishment of up to 400 AED and four black points, which could negatively affect your trip to the UAE.

Travel comfortably

You don’t have to be concerned that your child will open the car door or window when they are safely buckled up in a child booster seat in the rear. However, you may enjoy your drive without worrying about your youngster because they will be at ease.


Rather than spending money on a new booster seat for your trip because bringing your own can be cumbersome, renting a car in Dubai can provide you with one. It is wise for you to claim a booster seat as a free present from your rental company to reduce any worry throughout your trip. It is an affordable choice to rent a car in Dubai, offering it for free.

Take Away!

As it explains that car rental is not just a business for them, but they also take care of the needs of their children, Al Emad cars has once again gained the lead in Dubai’s car rental market for its cherished consumers by providing them and catering to their needs at bestand child booster seat facility has taken the lead. Renting a car is now simpler than ever for locals and visitors, thanks to one of Dubai’s leading car rental companies. Al-Emad automobiles are what you should consider when renting a car if you live in Dubai or are visiting there for business or with your family for an enjoyable vacation.

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