Best Areas to Stay in Dubai – A Guide for Travelers

Dubai is a city of wonders and offers a new way of seeing the world because of unique attractions like parks and museums which will give you a wide range of choosing the best area to stay in Dubai.

Whether it’s Downtown or Jumeirah Beach, once you’ve landed on this Arabian Desert, you’ll have a hard time choosing a suitable place.

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Now, let’s have a look at some of the finest Dubai hotels and resorts where you can stay like royalty:

1. Dubai Marina & Jumeirah Beach Residence

If you’re going to Dubai for the first time, then the most suitable place for you is Dubai Marina and if you want to know the reasons, there’s more than one. You’ll find skyscrapers, luxury resorts, and extraordinary shopping malls which makes it the best area to stay in Dubai.

And if you want a closer look at the beach while staying in Dubai, then straight away find a hotel near JBR. This place is more suitable for Europeans as the facility of bars is available there.

2. Al-Barsha

When it comes to finding the best area to stay in Dubai, Al-Barsha is the first name that comes to people’s minds. Moreover, the history of this place speaks for itself as it holds the second most popular mall in UAE which is the Mall of Emirates.

There’s another amazing thing about staying at al-Barsha which is that this place is near Downtown and Marina which means you can go explore these places as well without facing any trouble, making it the best area to stay in Dubai.

3. Downtown

If your friends are traveling to the UAE and wondering where to stay in Dubai? Then instantly tell them to go Downtown and the most crucial reason to choose this place is the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. Besides that, you’ll find multiple shops and restaurants which are enough to make Downtown the best area to stay in Dubai.

But keep in mind that staying Downtown will cost more than you expected as it’s the most expensive place in Dubai so make sure you have enough in your account.

4. Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai comes in the list of old places of Dubai City as it consists of traditional bazaars filled with historical architecture. It’ll give you an idea of how the people of Dubai used to live back in the day. As a whole, you can say that Bur Dubai is the best area to stay in Dubai.

Furthermore, this place comes in the list of cheap places to stay in Dubai which means you can stay at Bur Dubai as long as you like without worrying about the budget. 

5. Deira, Dubai

If you’re looking for the best hotels for families in Dubai that too within your budget, the Deira should be your go-to place. Deira is a sort of successor of Bur Dubai as it consists more of the older places till this date and besides having the largest souq, Deira has become a place to do business as well.

The interesting fact is that this place is still under the process of construction by the government to try every possible thing to make it the best area to stay in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

When you think about the best area to stay in Dubai, well no worries because there’s more than one. 

You can stay at Jumeirah Beach Residence so that you can explore the unique view of beaches or if you want the view of Burj Khalifa every time you wake up in your hotel room, then Downtown Dubai is the one for you.

So, no matter how you look at it, you’ll find thousands of spots in Dubai places to stay and if you want, you can guide your friends as well so they won’t face the trouble of finding a suitable place.

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