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Peloton Hack – Get The Peloton Experience At Home in The UAE

Pandemic restrictions have led to more and more people looking at options of working out at home. The Peloton bike has rapidly become one of the favourites. It seems like a lot of people own a peloton bike as the company boast of a huge community.

As you already know, Peloton bike is a high-end Indoor bicycle with 22 inch touchscreen attached to it. You can stream live and on demand classes. It allows you to compete with other participants through a live leaderboard.

A Peloton bike costs $2,245, plus $40 a month to avail the access to the live and on demand classes.

You are sold on the concept of Peloton bike. You thrive on competition and enjoy the camaraderie of studio cycling classes but put off by the hefty price, then we are here to show you, the lower cost DIY peloton setup.

You can enjoy the same camaraderie and competitiveness at a much lower cost. You can easily build your own Peloton bike at home. All you need is few things:

First and foremost, you are going to need a stationary spin bike. Whether you invest in a brand-new bike or second-hand bike, it up to you.

Below we will share a few pointers you should check before making any purchase.

What is the kind of drive does the spin bike have?

Older models of spin bikes have the typical chain drive system like outdoor bicycles, a chain drive is likely to wear and tear over time.

For more durability and efficiency, give preference to belt drive, as it operates with much less noise which is preferable in closed areas like your house.

What Kind of Resistance System Does the Spin Bike Have? Indoor spin have one of two types of resistance systems – physical or magnetic

In physical resistance, a spring-driven double callipers provide resistance by pushing pads against the flywheel much like the real bicycle. It is a great option when you are on budget, however it is not as durable as the magnetic resistance.

Magnetic resistance provides more consistent resistance and an ability to adjust the resistance level as per your needs.

Schwinn Bike 2

How Adjustable is the Spin Bike?

“While the old models don’t offer much in terms of adjusting seat and handle position. However, nowadays premium indoor bikes allow you to adjust seat height and position, the same with the handles and of course you can adjust resistance levels” stated by Mr Tim, a fitness guru from Gym fit out Dubai, that offers exercise Bikes and Treadmills for Sale in Dubai.

Once you have the spin bike. You can choose either phone or tablet to watch the Peloton classes on Peloton digital app. The Peloton app is available on both Apple and Google play stores and it costs 47 AED per month. The Apple version of the app have more features in comparison to the android. The Apple version displays your heart rate and cadence which can make huge difference to your cycling workouts. So if you have an Apple device its better to use that so you get more out of it.

So next you need is a holder to mount your tablet or phone to your bike. If your bike have a built-in holder, that’s great. If not, you can purchase one from You can get numerous options of the tablet or phone holder for a spin bike online.

A cadence sensor is importance part of the DIY peloton bike setup. It measures how fast you are pedalling.

During workout sessions on the Peloton app, the instructor tells you the speed on which should be going. Hence, the cadence sensor will help you measure your speed. You can attach the sensor to the crank arms of the bike pedals. Then you can connect your device to the cadence sensor via Bluetooth. Now, you have a working sensor.

Schwinn Bike 3

Lastly, the heart rate monitor. A great many options of heart rate monitor are available online. You can buy any heart rate monitor whichever option you find suitable for you. Be it in a shape of a wrist band or a chest strap hear rate monitor.

Now you have your Peloton bike ready at a fraction of the cost.

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