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How To Choose a Mirrorless Camera?

Mirrorless cameras have been around for over ten years, but they have started gaining mass popularity only in the last few years. There are several reasons for the rise in the popularity of mirrorless cameras.

How are Mirrorless Cameras different from DSLR Cameras? 

These cameras are lighter and smaller than their DSLR counterparts. It is entirely possible to fit these cameras into your pockets, which was unimaginable in the case of bulky DSLRs.

Professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike have started to switch from DSLR cameras to mirrorless cameras. Mirrorless cameras are much quieter than DSLR cameras and make no noise when they shoot a picture. This is because cameras do not have a mirror that goes up and down. Thanks to this feature, professional photographers can take candid photographs at weddings and birthday parties without being noticed unless they have bulky lights that they are carrying around.

Take a look at some of the factors you need to consider before picking a mirrorless camera.

Type of Lens 

A mirrorless camera allows you to change the lens. This is a feature that is unlike other types of compact cameras. Having an interchangeable lens camera might just change your world as a photographer.

Since there is no mirror in front of the camera’s sensor, the distance between the camera lens and the camera’s sensor is very short. This is important because it allows many of the lenses meant for SLR cameras to be used on a mirrorless camera. This is in addition to the wide range of mirrorless camera-dedicated lenses out there. However, you should know that you will need a matching adapter that allows you to fit your old lenses onto your new mirrorless camera. 

When choosing the best type of lenses for your camera, you should ensure that you get a wide variety. You should consider keeping a fast-prime lens and a wide-to-tele zoom lens in your kitty.

Size of the Sensor 

One of the most complex decisions that you would need to make when buying a mirrorless camera is the size of the sensor. Unlike lenses, a mirrorless camera can have only one sensor. So, you can’t go back on your decision.

A larger sensor will allow you to take better photographs in low-light conditions. However, cameras that have larger sensors are also larger in size. Hence, if your priority is to have a smaller camera, then choose a mirrorless camera that has a smaller sensor.


A mirrorless camera usually uses contrast detection in order to determine whether a picture is in focus or not. This means that when the contrast between the pixels is high, the camera assumes that it is in focus. Hence, these cameras will find it more difficult to focus properly in low-light conditions or on moving objects.

Newer mirrorless cameras have a hybrid autofocus system that allows you to focus much better in such conditions. Therefore, if you want a mirrorless camera that can properly autofocus on low-light objects or on moving objects, then consider a mirrorless camera that has a hybrid autofocus system.

When deciding between mirrorless cameras, consider one of these popular mirrorless cameras on the market today.

Mirrorless Cameras in the Market

Canon EOS M100

Canon EOS M100

This is one of the best mirrorless cameras to purchase for beginners at an affordable price range. It has a very compact size and weighs only 300 grams or so. It comes with a stock lens of 15-45 mm that can see you through a large range of situations.

The Canon EOS M100 does not support 4K video recording, which is its major drawback.

Sony Alpha A6000L

Sony Alpha A6000L

The Sony Alpha A6000L has a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor, which is great for a starter mirrorless camera. It also allows you to use its burst photography feature at 11 frames per second. This camera comes with a stock lens of 16-50 mm.

Fujifilm XT100

Fujifilm XT100

The Fujifilm XT100 is a great option for those who love to take videos. When compared with the camera on your mobile phone, it is far superior. You can use this camera to shoot 4K videos. It comes with a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor as well.

When you finally have decided on a mirrorless camera, it is important to purchase it from a trusted source. is the most trusted place for electronics and gadgets in the UAE. Jumbo has a remarkable collection of the latest mirrorless cameras in both their brick and mortar stores and online for you to choose from.

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