Why You Must Get Your Bicycle Repaired and Maintained in UAE

Quality bikes are expensive. And in today’s expanding inflation and shrinking budgets, buying a new one cannot happen without cutting something important off your monthly expense list. The solution? Get your existing bike repaired and routinely maintained.

While higher prices and tighter incomes are the key roadblocks to being able to afford a good bicycle for a majority of people, another reason why you should rather stick to the old one is the memories attached to it. In many cases, a used bike is so close to the heart of its users that replacing it with a new one becomes an emotional affair for the owner.

Plus, if you have a bike that has been with you since your younger days, it has more than just the emotional attachment: the superior build quality and an evergreen style that today’s bikes lack. The bikes of the olden days were sturdier, stylish, and built to last a lifetime. So, throwing them away should be the last thing on your mind if you own such a classic two-wheeler.

Get the bike maintained by a professional

No matter how strongly made, years of wear and tear will make your bicycle need care from the hands of a professional. If you live in Dubai, you may be in luck as there are a number of bike repair companies in Dubai that can take care of your beloved bike and keep it in top condition.

Although it’s better that you keep the bike regularly maintained, it’s never too late if you’ve neglected it for the past many years. Just take it to one of bike repairers in Dubai and they will give it a new life. These professionals are trained into making the bikes functional and in perfect condition again without changing their inherent style and look.

If you’re one of the proud owners of a vintage or classic Japanese-style bike in Dubai, there are companies that can restore it to its original condition. Importing the frames and parts from different countries including Japan, they have the right equipment to fix your bike and give it the look that is stored in your childhood memories.

Some damage you must look out for

Bicycles, like cars, are meant to be ridden. They’re not a piece of decoration, no matter how pretty they are. They serve a functional purpose and are supposed to hit the streets and tracks and make real-world memories. This, inevitably, invites some regular wear and tear and some common damages may include rusting, tyre wear, and chain malfunction, among others.

Your bike is meant to be used in all weathers and conditions including sun, rain, mud, bumps, etc. although it can withstand all, it surely needs some care on the owner’s part. Water and dust, when left uncleaned, can cause rusting damaging its vital parts and affecting its performance and longevity.

Similarly, you must keep the right air pressure in your bike tyres. Low-pressure tyres are more prone to deterioration and this can also cause your rims to buckle. Buckled also cause damage to your brakes which can add to your bike’s repair costs.

Why repair rather than buy new

There’s also a conscious reason rather than the practical one: to promote recycling and reduce your carbon footprint. We’re all aware of the sad catchphrases of the 21st century: climate change, solid waste, pollution, rising temperatures and more.

By getting your bike repaired rather than buying a new one, you will be making a small yet tangible contribution to this mounting challenge that the world is faced with. You will be contributing towards reducing solid waste in two ways: by using your own bike and not buying one; and bringing parts of other used bikes to practical use.

So, it’s easier to repair your bike in Dubai than you thought. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new bike because the old one is broken or damaged. No matter how subtle or heavy the damage, a bike repair company in Dubai can bring your bike in top condition again and you’ll be riding it again proudly and reliving all those memories you’ve cherished for long.

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