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Why Website Localization is Crucial for the MENA Market

When it comes to entering the MENA market, it is important that you consider the implications of facing a new culture and a new language, not to mention an array of different countries. If you want your business to reach new audience in a successful way then you are going to need to ensure that your website resonates with your new audience. You need to target your audience in a way that makes it possible for them to understand your brand, your message as well as the services or products you are offering.

Your website is crucial to your business but it has to change because in its current format and language, it simply will not work. Your audience won’t be able to understand it, it could be offensive and the format will be completely wrong and this is where website localization comes into play.

Plan Your Move

You simply cannot jump into a new market after carrying out a basic translation into Arabic and think that it will suffice because it won’t. You will need to research your market, the countries, the language they as well their religion and beliefs because you will need to make sure that your website does not offend or simply turn your audience away.

Choose The Right Partner

If you choose to try and save money by using free translation tools then you will more than likely be on the path to failure. These tools are basic and they very rarely work but even if they did work, you need a lot more than just translation. Localization goes deeper than this. It covers translation but it also covers imagery, slang, the format and any other aspects that need to be considered for the Arabic market including text reading from right to left. This is where you need to call on the services of Torjoman who can deliver a localization service that ensures every aspect of your needs are covered.

Make Things Easier

You need to make sure that your website reads well and more importantly, it reaches out in the right way. Therefore, you can opt to use a CMS Translation Connector.

This will make it possible for you to work closely with your partner like Torjoman, enabling you to send content that requires localization without the need for it to be removed from the system. This provides you with control over the specific content or pages that require localization. This will ensure that the font, images, the design, the message and all content are altered and amended so that it works in your chosen market. When you make the decision to move into MENA countries, you have to consider a whole range of aspects that all contribute to the success of your business in that country.

Choose the right website localization service and partner will ensure you give your business the best chance of becoming a real success. Avoiding any pitfalls or translation problems will mean that your business is portrayed as professional, considerate and understanding of its new chosen market.

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