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4 PR Strategies All Brands Should Use

While the pandemic may not have exactly brought in flying cars or remote-control dog walking around us, there is no denying that the advances in the technology sector has become a major factor in how we see, think and react. Now whether you’re a quick adopter of digital or an old-school traditions holder, below are the four strategies you would want to adapt to.

1. Collaborate with influencers:

Every strategy one may take from the book lacks one thing, third-party creditability. The most effective way to promote a brand is to have a third person, an influencer with a following tell why is it important to have your product or service.

With the rise of social media platforms, brands now collaborate with such like-minded influencers whose reviews carries weight amongst its followers. Press releases and alerts might give you visibility, but social media gives you a direct impact though picture storytelling. This should be a very powerful PR tool you may use to promote your brand.

2. Communicate your ‘why.’

Digital age has made it easier to expose a brands poor customer service or quality. The watchdogs are continuously aiming for brands to up their game. This can be a both a threat and an opportunity for brands to establish their product or service and humanize them. A good PR will use this opportunity to make the brand more relatable and purpose it to change propels lives.

3. Create content, not ads.

A plain ad will get you nowhere in todays world. Tools available on social media such as sponsored posts and other advertising tools help brands create an unique rich content which drives its target audience to its products or services. Consumers now have a choice to select a brands which understands and drives them. Brands can use options such as responsive web series to interactive social media campaigns to engage with its target audience.

4. Give traditional press exclusivity.

No matter how much the world changes, an old-school traditional newspaper will any day hold some ground. Traditional newspapers are facing fierce competition than ever so a mass press release will not work in your favor, rather an exclusive piece with a select newspaper will land you an editorial opportunity with a traditional press, which will stay on for years.

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