Timeless Brands in the UAE Live by These 5 Best Practices

Branding is a vital aspect of every business’s growth. It is one of the top strategies in making a business known to many. It is the recognizable and memorable representation of the business entity, as well as all the qualities or values it upholds.

Given its important function, meticulous attention is directed at developing a brand. The design, which is just one component of branding, should speak volumes about what the business does and stands for. At the same time, it should leave a long and lasting impression on people. Therefore, a brand should be created with longevity in mind.

And speaking of longevity, according to the top brand consulting agency in the UAE, this is a quality that the branding of top companies possess.

When a brand has longevity, people from different walks of life and generations can readily identify it even if it is presented in abbreviated or different formats. Or, the brand has such a distinct quality that if other things display similar visual elements to it, they are automatically likened to the brand and not the other way around.

So, how exactly are timeless brands created? Listed below are five of the best practices.

1. Stand-out image creation

The image and logo used by the business should always make sense, although distinct from the rest. Studies are carried out to identify a visual image that is not just a clear representation of what the company is all about, such as its name and the products and services it delivers. But, along with that, these studies establish how some aspects of the visual representation can work to ensure the engagement of the people who see them.

A perfect example of this is the logo of the famous MW Restaurant. It was designed to represent Michelle and Wade, the husband and wife tandem, who are the chefs and owners of the restaurant. The initials of their names on their business logo are made of two silver forks beside each other but facing opposite directions.

It’s a clever brand analogy because not only does it clearly indicate who the key personalities are in the business, but even without the word restaurant in the logo, people will know right away that it’s for a dining establishment because of the forks. Additionally, silver color is used for the image and logo, indicating the class and sophistication of the business.

2. Consistency in all aspects of operations

There’s no better way of fortifying a brand than making sure that all points of connection display the same qualities. For example, the elegant Hilton Hotel is known all over the world for its majestic architecture and interior design, as well as first-class service.

But what guests particularly love about staying at the Hilton is its reputation for providing the most luxurious sleep experience. This is consistent with the Hilton’s commitment to making sure that guests will get the same quality of bed, pillows, bedspreads, and comforters in all of its hotels across the globe.

3. Innovation without abandoning the true heart of the brand

The ability to adapt to the fast-evolving requirements of the business’s target market is also a smart practice for brand longevity. It’s essential to offer something new and different to maintain excitement and interest in a brand.

Take the case of Chanel. While this brand is strongly associated with a particular look of a bag or a scent, it continues to develop new designs and formulations. However, in doing so, it maintains the traditional elements that buyers love about it.

Therefore, you will not see a Chanel bag with trendy hardware, or smell any of its perfumes without a gentle floral note. Even with all the new offerings of the brand, you can never mistake them as products of other fashion houses.

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4. Creating a social impact

A brand that has a strong social impact not only lasts, but it also continues to attract more supporters. Most people would look upon it with fondness and willingly give it support. It’s important to mention, too, that a brand with social impact is deemed an “industry helper” by being a source of beneficial connections for the industry to thrive.

A perfect illustration for this is how Adidas has long been committed to reducing environmental waste by recycling plastic to make its athletic shoes.

Through its social impact, other organizations have shown support for it by making it their official provider of athletic wear for sporting events. In addition to that, the brand value of Adidas manages to enhance the reputation of its connections, too.

5. Smart reputation management

A timeless brand is one that exerts concerted efforts to stay in the easy recall range of people. Thus, it establishes its presence in various platforms to fortify its reputation, as well as quickly address whatever issues that may negatively impact the brand’s image.

In the digital age, one of the best ways to manage brand reputation is through online marketing strategies. You will find such strategies in branding agency portfolios because it is an effective way of pushing brands to the awareness of many through every available channel — from social media management to content creation. It creates more touchpoints, too.

Take Coca Cola, for example. Although this brand is famous in all corners of the globe, it continues to invest in online marketing by uploading YouTube videos of its campaigns and news. Because of this, it has been featured in other content formats, and the brand has served as a reliable resource for various market studies.

So, if you are looking to strengthen your company brands, these are the best practices to implement. They have worked for the top brands in the country; therefore, you can reasonably expect them to work for yours as well.


Hasan Fadlallah is a Serial Entrepreneur – Founder & CEO of Brand Lounge, the region’s leading and award-winning branding consultancy, whose role is to help organizations align their business behind an idea that will deliver success time and again. Equipped with over 20 years of professional consulting experience, today he advises businesses throughout the Gulf and Africa on brand development and in 2014 was recognized by the World Brand Congress who awarded him the prestigious Brand Leadership award in Brand Excellence.

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