Top 10 Tips to Provide the Best Virtual Event Experience To Your Audience

For the past two years, we have been shifting to a more digital way of living. Businesses and organizations around the world have turned to digital mediums to host virtual events ever since the advent of the COVID-19 global pandemic. The emergence of unforeseen circumstances has made it nearly impossible to host large-scale events with massive gatherings. Whether you are planning to host a conference, a fundraiser event, music concert, summit, exhibition, trade fair, expo, or any other type of live physical event in a virtual world, a comprehensive virtual event platform offers all.

But, here the catch is, staying engaged with your virtual attendees is a must with this event format. As attendees are tuned in from remote locations via a screen and are not surrounded by other attendees, the chances of falling them apart are high when sessions are overstretched or monotonous. Watching an elongated virtual event from a laptop or smartphone is not stimulating. Thus, resulting in making attendees leave in the middle of the event.

The merits offered by virtual events are many, but to deliver immersive virtual event experiences to your audience effective planning, strategy, and leveraging the right virtual event platform is a must. In this blog, we will uncover some of the most effective tips to provide breathtaking virtual event experiences to your audience. It’s time to get started!

Tips to create immersive event experiences for your audience

If you are looking for ways to make virtual events more interesting and deliver breathtaking event experiences to your attendees, you’ve landed at the right place. We have listed some tips below to provide the best virtual event experience to your audience. Have a look:

1. Customize the entire virtual event set up

To deliver immersive event experiences, customize your entire virtual event set up as per your company’s branding. Right from personalizing the event with brands banner and images, customize every minute aspect of your event. Leverage a virtual event platform that offers a wide range of custom solutions to replicate live physical experiences in a virtual world. Right from the outdoor walkway to the lobby area, sessions and virtual booth setup everything should make your attendees feel like they are attending an event in person.

2. Organize Live polls in your virtual events

Live polls will allow your attendees to share their opinions in a virtual environment and get engaged with the event. Polls are a popular and successful way to engage people online. Polls relevant to your event help in engaging attendees effortlessly. Additionally, they can be used before, after, and during the event.

3. Enormous options for networking

Offer your attendees enormous options for networking during virtual events. Allow them to network with speakers, hosts, exhibitors, and as well as with other attendees in real-time. Look for a virtual event platform that offers networking features such as live audio/video chats, networking tables, AI-matchmaking, business card exchange, B2B meeting scheduler, 2-way conferencing and more. It will allow attendees to interact freely before, during, and even after the virtual event.

4. Utilize Gamification techniques to hook attendees

Gamify your entire virtual event to boost excitement during the event and keep attendees engaged and hooked for long hours. Introduce games such as spin the wheel, dart game, tic-tac-toe, crossword, word finder, and more. Allow your attendees to play such games during the event and take exciting event memories back home. Gamification techniques in virtual events will help in replicating the essence of physical events in the virtual world effortlessly.

5. Offer gift bags to attendees pre virtual event

One of the most prominent aspects of a live physical event is swag bags. Organizers offer gift bags to attendees in physical events to make them feel valued and boost excitement. But, gift bags are even more effective with virtual event formats as they make attendees feel valued and excited. It not only results in increased participation at the event but makes you market your brand in the most innovative ways. Offer virtual gifts with brand logos that will stay with attendees reminding them about the brand.

6. Provide ample opportunities for engagement during virtual events

To deliver the best virtual event experiences to your attendees offer enormous opportunities for engagement in your virtual event. Integrate leaderboard challenge to motivate attendees to navigate every aspect of the event in the temptation of earning more points. Additionally, you can even organize photo booths in a virtual event venue just like physical events. It allows attendees to get clicked with branded photo frames during the event and take event memorabilia back home.

7. Introduce breakout sessions

Offer breaks after every informational session before the next session starts. It will allow attendees to relax and communicate with other participants of the event just like physical events.

8. Offer content on-demand

There are many attendees who might miss attending the most awaited event due to hectic office schedules or urgent household chores. Offer content on-demand to the attendees who miss attending the live event. It will help in delivering an excellent event experience to them.

9. Make your event compatible with mobile devices

Optimize your online events and make them mobile-friendly. Out of a hundred, the maximum number of participants usually attends a virtual event using their smartphones.  They are handy and allow them to access the virtual event from anywhere in the world even if they do not have access to laptops. Keep this thing in mind while organizing a virtual event and make your event compatible with mobile devices. It will allow attendees to have an enjoyable experience.

10. Hire the most experienced speakers

Virtual events allow you to hire more qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced speakers. The cost involved in physical events gets considerably reduced offering organizers a chance to hire an expert speaker who demands higher pay. The experienced speaker will engage attendees effortlessly and deliver the most informative and relevant content in the speech. Thus resulting in delivering the best virtual event experiences to attendees and ensuring the event’s success.

Final Word

In the blog mentioned above, we have amalgamated the top tips to deliver the best virtual event experiences to your attendees to ensure a successful virtual event, Virtual AGM, Virtual exhibition. Hope it will help you out in delivering seamless event experiences!

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