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Choosing a video production agency can be daunting; here are some tips to help

As customers spend more time on the internet, video is becoming more crucial than ever as a marketing strategy. According to Cisco, video streaming and downloads will account for 82 percent of global internet traffic by 2022.

Indeed, video is now the fastest-growing advertising medium, particularly online, and it is no longer limited to Fortune 500 corporations. Companies of all sizes are increasingly understanding that, when created properly, video is a highly powerful marketing tool, and they’re seeking for a method to capitalize on this trend.

Many businesses, however, are hesitant to invest their marketing budget on a video production company that does not produce the desired creative outcome or Return on Investment.

If you’ve concluded that your firm needs video production services to tell its narrative and engage with its target market, but you’re not sure where to begin or are feeling overwhelmed by what to consider before getting started, here’s some advice.

Choosing the right video production agency

One of the reasons for the ambiguity surrounding video production company selection is that many businesses employ the same process for hiring a creative firm as they do for acquiring a tangible product. Choosing the right agency for your video production needs takes a little different approach. Here’s how to go about in such a case.

  • Experience of the agency in your specific genre

When looking for an agency to fulfil your corporate video needs, do have a detailed look into their portfolio of recent and previous works. Also make sure that the agency or video/film production company has ample exposure and experience in your specific business sector.

  • Observe how they took the brief from you

You can tell if the agency is worth its salt just by the way it enquires about your specific requirements and goals from the video in question. Did they spend time getting to know your target audience and company goals before diving into the details of your project?

  • See if your project’s success matters to them

It’s easy for you to gravitate to the big agencies with an impressive number of clients. But sadly, many of these agencies have their hands dull of more tasks than they can handle. So, it might make your project less meaningful to them as a whole. A smaller agency might suit you better.

  • Make sure their proposal is in black and white

Ask for sufficient details of what you’re paying for. Will they shoot in high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD)? Is it a two-camera or three-camera shoot? What is the shooting duration? Are they including a full buyout for all of the actors and voiceover talent engaged in order to avoid future costs? Bring everything in black and white.

  • See how prompt their client service is

Your project means a lot to you, but can the agency be as serious too with regard to your video production project? It’s hard to predict how it will turn out to be, but how proactively they engage with you right from the beginning should tell you how much responsive the agency will be as you go along the project.

Content sources: 1) Mr. Amr has contributed in this article; he is a video creation specialist from AK Films, a video production company from Dubai, 2) other top hints have been taken from Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_production

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