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What are the driving rules in Dubai?

Dubai has transformed from a simple fishing village into a unique city marked by swift economic development and striking tourist sites, attracting visitors from across the globe.

Driving in Dubai offers the unique experience of navigating the world’s most luxurious cars. Before hitting the road, familiarize yourself with local driving regulations. Utilize car rental services to explore the city, but always stay updated on Dubai’s driving rules.

Dubai’s Traffic Regulations and Violations

Respect Dubai’s traffic laws to ensure a harmonious stay in the city. Familiarizing yourself with cultural and driving norms is crucial for a smooth experience. Here are some key rules to follow:

  • Legal driving age: 19+.
  • Requires an international driver’s license or one from a recognized country.
  • Mandatory car insurance.
  • Drive on the right side of the road.
  • Children under 13 can’t sit in the front, and those aged 4-8 need a child seat.
  • Seat belts are compulsory for all passengers.
  • Use only car Bluetooth for phone conversations.
  • Obey tram signals; not doing so can result in fines of up to 30,000 dirhams.
  • Special trams are available for students.
  • Dubai has a demerit point system for traffic offenses. Accumulating 24 points in a year can lead to a license suspension for up to three months.
  • To reduce points, approved driver training courses are available through the Dubai Traffic Police.

Dubai Speed Limits:

To ensure road safety, Dubai enforces strict speed limits. Adherence is vital to avoid accidents. Key limits include:

  • Freeway: 100-120 km/h (minimum 60 km/h)
  • Urban areas: 60 km/h
  • Residential zones: 40 km/h.

Seatbelt and Dirty Car Rules in Dubai

In the UAE, due to frequent sandstorms, car owners can face hefty Dh3000 fines if their vehicles are found unclean. Avoid washing cars in residential areas, as it’s harmful to the environment, causing pollution from runoff. Those who use car rental in Dubai may face additional fees if return excessively dirty. Use designated car washes at gas stations or malls to avoid penalties. Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers, making it a crucial Dubai driving rule.

Alcohol Regulations in Dubai

In Dubai, non-Muslim residents can buy alcohol for home use and in licensed venues. Tourists can obtain a temporary one-month liquor license from two authorized sellers. They’ll receive guidelines on alcohol consumption and must acknowledge understanding them. In other emirates, only licensed venues like hotels and restaurants serve alcohol to tourists. Drinking in public or being intoxicated is against UAE law. The legal drinking age is 21 in most of the UAE, except in Abu Dhabi where it’s 18, and alcohol is prohibited in Sharjah.

Final Say

There are several well-known rules in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. However, some travelers unknowingly break them and can face fines, jail, or deportation. It’s essential to be aware of these unique regulations before visiting to avoid issues with local authorities.

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