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Canadian immigration from Dubai – the portal to a life you’ve always dreamed of

Canada continues to top the list of world’s top immigration destinations, and not without good reason. This hub of multiculturalism – one of the most inclusive countries in the world – is the world’s 10th largest economy with a booming Information Technology sector. Its education system is world-class and the universal healthcare is also one of the world’s best.

Besides being a very safe and caring country to raise your family in, Canada also presents a haven for businesses. With minimal government regulations, starting your own business is easy and rewarding in Canada. The rapidly growing tech industry spells good things for Canada’s future, as well as for thousands of technology professionals from around the world who aspire to become a Canadian national.

The country has the similar appeal for people living in Dubai and other parts of the UAE, both nationals and expat workers. It’s not just the career choices, business environment, or amenities of life that attracts them – the country’s idyllic natural beauty and wallpaper-worthy landscapes and sceneries make living there nothing short of a sweet dream. After all, the country is home to cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and many others that have been recognized as the world’s most stunning cities, and not just one time.

What’s more interesting is that the immigration policy of Canada is much laxer than that of other top destinations of the world. This adds a greater appeal for the aspirants of Canadian immigration who have been further facilitated by the country’s Express Entry system that fast-tracks immigration reducing the process to a mere six months. In 2018 alone, over 92,000 immigrants from different parts of the world were admitted to Canada through Express Entry.

If you’re looking for a permanent status residency in Canada, there are a number of visa routes to follow including Federal Skilled Worker Provincial Nominee Program, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, Family Class, Business Investor, Business Entrepreneur, Business Self-Employed, and Quebec Immigration. Work Permits are issued for temporary status residency in Canada.

There are numerous consultancies in Dubai that deal in Canadian immigration. Based on your aptitude and your academic and professional qualifications, any immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada can precisely assess your chances of successful immigration. If the primary assessment comes positive, a formal application is initiated by the consultancy and the chances of your success depend on how powerful a case it built for you and how accurate and verifiable information you managed to provide.

When looking for a Canadian immigration consultancy in Dubai that you can trust, look for the registry of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) and Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIAs) to identify the regulated consultants and professionals. There are many RCCI listed immigration consultancies operating in Dubai and one of them will certainly make your immigration to Canada easier and more assured.

It’ll help to remember that the immigration process could be overwhelming for you regardless of which consultancy you choose. Going for a good consultant, however, will increase your chances of success and your efforts will not go in vain. Besides, you’ll be rid of most of the trouble conventionally associated with the immigration process, and at much ease as opposed to if you chose to undertake the task on your own.

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