Tips for buying a quality lifting equipment in UAE

Lifting equipment is undoubtedly an important part of the manufacturing and construction industry. They not only ensure the proper safety of the workplace but above all, they make your processes more efficient. While buying lifting equipment in UAE, you obviously need to be very cautious. UAE is, of course, a great country but the law here is very strict. So, if your negligence in choosing the right equipment causes any accident then it will cost you heavy penalty. Therefore, choosing the right equipment from genuine lifting equipment suppliers in UAE is a major concern for every entrepreneur.

But how will you obviously understand which equipment you require? Well, different lifting equipment suppliers in UAE supply arguably several types of equipment to the market. Hence, the decision can be very tough. That is why; here are few tips which will obviously offer you insights into buying the right equipment.

Of course, choose only the right product that your business requires:

The first and foremost step in choosing the right lifting equipment is identifying the product that your company requires. As a matter of fact, there are several types of lifting equipment available in the market of UAE. In fact, choosing the right product among them can be little hasty sometimes. Hence, let us guide you to choose the right product.

Chain Slings:

Chain slings are undoubtedly one of the most credible lifting equipment used in industries for overhead lifting. All things considered, the chain slings are available in different grades, lengths, and diameters. You need to choose from them the perfect one obviously. The chain slings between grades 80-100 are as a matter of fact more reliable.

Chain slings come in different types in accordance with the number of legs. Different types of chain slings are single leg chain sling, two leg chain sling, three leg chain sling and four leg chain sling. You can obviously choose the chain sling you want on the basis of the weight that you require to lift. In conclusion, more the weight; more will be the number of legs.

Polyester Webbing Slings:

The polyester webbing slings are obviously one of the finest lifting products that you can get. Since they have soft webbings of polyester; the polyester webbing slings are undoubtedly perfect for lifting soft or fragile loads. In addition, these slings have a much higher tensile strength which makes the process of lifting comparatively secure.

Wire Rope Slings:

Wire rope slings are of course known for their versatility and credibility. In fact, these slings are highly popular for the safety that it adds to the workplace. From lifting large cargo containers to various other lifting applications, the slings have undoubtedly a wide scale of usage.

Cargo Lashings:

As a matter of fact, the cargo lashings have infinite usages when it comes to lifting. They are uniquely versatile and do not require any screws or nuts to assemble the product. Furthermore, the parts are forged which thus offers a load capacity which is three times more than the working limit.


All things considered, the hoists are actually very essential in every industry when it comes to lifting and lowering consignments. The hoists are available in three different types and they serve different purposes. As a matter of fact, if consignments weigh up to 6 tonnes then manual lever hoist is perfect for you. For power generation and manufacturing uses, the electric chain hoist is what you need to choose. And there are manual chain hoists, which you can, of course, use as per your requirement.

Check whether the equipment meets the quality standards:

For the most part, quality is something that everybody seeks in lifting equipment. So, obviously make sure that the lifting equipment that you will buy is CE Certified & Proof Tested. Ask the lifting equipment suppliers in UAE about the quality of the material used, grades or standards of the equipment to take your decision.

Lastly, inquire about the durability of the equipment:

As a matter of fact, durability is the most important thing when it comes to the lifting equipment. Everyone wants their equipment to be highly durable and efficient. So, before buying ask your supplier about the durability. Presumably, in most of the cases, the equipment with proper maintenance last as long as the manufacturer says.

Caution and precision are very important while buying lifting equipment in UAE. So, talk with the lifting equipment suppliers in UAE; gather information and then take the right decision. Finally, choose the right equipment and enjoy working without any trouble.

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