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Is my recruiter, the best recruiter? The Job Seekers Dilemma

With technology, too many things have changed. The nature people interact, the way we socialize, education, shopping, entertainment and almost every aspect of life. This has had major influence on the way job seekers seek job and the way they find one. Yes, Recruitment, is one such profession emerged out of the modern technology trend. It is common to see the intermediary role recruiters are taking over between filling the opportunities and skills. So when seeking for a good work opportunity, having ties with the best recruiter is indeed important. So how to find if your recruiter is the best recruiter?

We aim to address our job-seekers dilemma with some of the key features of the best recruiter in this post.

Quantity or Quality:

If your recruiter is recruiter in general, he will then simply look out for keywords from your CV and match it with their Clients’ job description. This will be followed with a cold call, with one sided communication and offer made with an interview date. Are we serious here? The best recruiter will certainly not to do this. They are not working on numbers to fill the client gaps, but the best recruiter will indeed look for quality hire.

So is your recruiter valuing your time, availability and preferences?

Is your recruiter advising you on gaps in your CV?

Is your recruiter pulling information from you rather than pushing client requirements on you?

If you answer yes to either of the above questions, then probably you should look for another best recruiter for yourself, because unfortunately the current recruiter you are being persuaded by, is not the best recruiter.

But if you are confident in answering a yes to all the above 3 questions, then undoubtedly you are already under the shade of the best recruiters.

Social Media Profile:

Needless to say, the best recruiter will have a popular figure online. Checking out social media sites for job opportunities is one of the popular means of job search. A good number of online communities will help you to connect with different job-seekers. But these communities are also great means to access the best recruiters by profession. Accessing LinkedIn profiles, Facebook and Twitters can be a great means to get the best recruiters. Your ability to contact them and start of with your ideal job search could be a great way to maximize your chances to getting a good job with best employers around.


The best recruiter is best at his or her profession because of their charismatic personality they have. They will take you with the flow of their communication. Without your knowledge, your best recruiter will seek your confidence, gain your reliability and develop a trust worthy relationship with you. So if you are able to share your dilemmas, seek answers that you are looking for in relevance to your profile, your chosen best recruiter must have time and knowledge to answer them.

There can be nothing more worth than a painless hiring process, and indeed the best recruiters will have the capability, the potentials and the network of clients to help you achieve one.

We take immense proud to support and render services to any potential job-seekers willing to get the best placements. We would love to hear from you any clarifications you would like to have with regards to this. Please share your feedback and help us to reach out to you.

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