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7 Career Programs Students in UAE Should Definitely Take Part in

Gone are those days when the UAE was only considered just a massive oil producer, the Arabs of Emirate have made themselves well established in terms of tourism, economy, and most prominently in education. The days are over when a good ratio of UAE students used to migrate west for seeking higher education and better career opportunities. Now Dubai holds an entire city named “Dubai International Academic City” which is a home away from home for aspiring students and holds approximately 27 colleges and universities. You see how much effort and dedication they are putting and the result is well seen in the world. Universities of the UK, US, Australia, and Malaysia are opening their campuses in UAE. One of the most famous universities in the UK Middlesex University has its regional set in Dubai.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum hasn’t left any stone unturned to make UAE a leading education sector, the government has launched various programs for students, which give them hands-on experience and exposure to the insight of the corporate world.

There are seven career-oriented programs that should be on the list of every student to boost their education spectrum.


Wajihni is the “National Internship and Summer Programme”, and it is a part of the Emiratisation 360 initiative. This program is run by The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, in partnership and collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Universities. This program is initiated to give students jobs during their summer term, to know how the market works, and to provide skills that are valued by the world. The private sector provides opportunities to young adults and gives them practical experience in the work.

Basically, Wajihni is an application powered by android and apple which help students search for internship and summer jobs with the help of the ministry of human resource.

One Million Arab Coders

Launched by his highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid in 2017, is a pledge to train one million Arab coders in the UAE. This entire program is free of cost, teaching young Arab coding, ICT, and notable computer languages which are needed to be a coder. The prime objective of this amazing program is to make UAE technologically advanced and hopefully the next Silicon Valley. These four components are taught online and are provided certification for Back End Web Development, Front End Web Development, Data Analysis, and Android Development.


Madrasa is an e-learning platform in the Arabic language, which has subjects like general science, mathematics, history, geography, science, chemistry, biology, and physics. It has a library of more than 5,000 videos that teaches all these subjects by giving quality education at no cost. This program aims to give this world Arab scientists, researchers, and innovators. This program also teaches the discipline of self-learning and the approach to the methodology of the subject. As it has seen through the means of the platform like, where young Arabs lack the potential of what today’s world demands. So this platform will minimize the gap and educate them in the comfort of their home.

THE UAE Hackathon

Digitalization is the key to all forms of success be it in this world or the world which is being built by the human A.K.A the metaverse. It is simply the next generation should be well-versed in all aspects of computer and artificial intelligence. This is a needed step and the UAE knows well about it that is why on the national level they organize a yearly Hackathon. The components of this event include; Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, Big Data & Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Metaverse, 3D/4D printing, and other trending things in the technology world.

The Emirates Youth Professional School (EYPS)

This program is built for the ages of 15 to 35, to provide education, skills, and vocational training needed in the labor market. Through this platform, many teachers, tutors, middle-aged professionals, and those who want to enhance their current skills take benefit from this school. It is a crowdsourcing program just like Uber and Airbnb. Where through community people and professionals come and offer their services to the aspiring ones. Through practical and theoretical learning the gap between the skills and the labor market has to be overcome through EYPS, that’s what their main goal is.

AI Summer Camp

This program is designed for high school students to get started early in their education related to Artificial intelligence. This program is run by university students and government executives to initiate the seeds of AI early in children’s life. So that they develop an understanding and have a firm approach towards this sector.

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The ICT Fund

To make the Arab generation well-equipped in the information and communication sector, the government of the UAE has taken this much applaud step to provide students and aspiring adults who want to make innovation in this field and help the government to make UAE technological advance. This ICT fund helps such creative minds people by providing them funds to kick start their projects or to enhance skills through further education. This fund also covers scholarships and grants for exceptional young minds.

To Sum Up

Having experience with education is a must and an added benefit in today’s time. It will not only make a good impact but, also will help you learn various aspects of the practical world, before making a step ahead. There are several government-run programs for the youth of the UAE, which aims to provide free of cost education, educate them regarding advanced technologies, and also provide skills that are needed in the labor market. Such initiative should be appreciated by the world, that how this Emirate is striving its best even in the education sector to make Arabs well equipped in terms of digitalization and also well prepared to face the next generation with such zeal and zest.

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