How Do I Get My School Certificate or Transfer Certificate Attested in the UAE?

Prior to UAE’s oil boom in the 1960s, there were only a handful of formal schools in the country. Today, there are 200 private schools in Dubai alone that cater to 300,000 local and international students.

Schools for International Students in the UAE

International students can enroll in public and private schools in the UAE, but unlike Emirati students, they have to pay fees for public schools.

Around 40% of students in the UAE are enrolled in private schools, some of which even provide education in foreign languages to accommodate expat communities.

Over the last few decades, the UAE has paid special attention to providing quality education. All emirates have seen an increase in schools and universities.

Transfer Certificates

Classroom in the UAE

Students moving to the UAE from elsewhere are required to submit a school an attested transfer certificate as proof of previous schooling; this rule is created and enforced by UAE’s Ministry of Education and must be followed by all educational institutes. Failure to present an attested transfer certificate can lead to losing admission, so all expat students must have their paperwork in order before applying to schools.

Attest Certificates

School students that have previously completed board exams will have to provide attested certificates as proof. The attestation process verifies the legitimacy of the certificates.

What Are The Requirements for Transfer Certificates?

The Transfer Certificate must have the educational institute’s letterheads and contain the following information:

  • The certificate holder’s full name
  • The date the holder jointed the educational institute
  • The certificate holder’s date of birth
  • The date of the certificate holder’s last day in the education institute
  • The syllabus used
  • The official stamp of the educational institute and the signature of the principal/other authorized personnel

Certificate Attestation Documents

Here’s a list of all the documents that are required to attest educational certificates

  • Original transfer certified provides by the issuing country
  • The certificate holder’s transfer copy
  • If the certificate holder is a minor, the parent’s passport copies are required
  • Authorization letter (not required in most cases)

Who Attests These Documents?

Educational and transfer certificates must be attested by:

  • The Ministry of Education in the issuing country
  • The Ministry of Foreign/External Affairs in the issuing country
  • The UAE embassy/consulate in the issuing country
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE

Professional Attestation Services

The attestation process for the UAE can be complicated and stressful for those who aren’t familiar with the prerequisites and government bodies.

Hiring an attestation company eliminates some of the stress that comes with moving to a new country.

Companies that offer attestation services are up-to-date with changes in the law and know all the steps involved.

These companies will carry the attestation process for you without requiring any involvement from you and deliver attested documents in time for enrollment.

Benchmark Attestation Services provides reliable degree certificate attestation services for employment and student visa applications. It also offers Birth certificate attestation, commercial documents, and Marriage certificate attestation for expats from the USA, UK, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Canada, and many others.

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