Going to the UAE? 6 Reasons Why You Should Head to Dubai

Because of its strategic location, Dubai has become quite a popular place to visit for both frequent and seasonal travelers. As the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, it is a place where culture, nature, and ultramodern architecture meet. This may be why Dubai has what is arguably the busiest airport in the world.

There are many reasons why Dubai can be considered a fascinating destination, but, mainly, it’s because of the extensive and diverse features it has to offer for anyone – no matter the age group or preference. In fact, it is also deemed as an excellent destination for nature lovers even though sandy deserts and tall skyscrapers surround it.

When planning to travel to the UAE, there are several things you must consider before deciding on whether to head to this desert city.

Here are six reasons that could convince you to go to Dubai on your next trip:

1. See the Desert-Scape


Before it became a place known for the tallest skyscrapers and high-tech automobiles, Dubai was only filled with sand. Although it may sound unimpressive, the desert is still a sight you must absolutely see.

To experience Dubai like it was during the days of the Bedouin villages, you should try going on a desert safari, experience dune bashing, watch belly dancing, and sample a traditional Arabic barbecue. And, of course, a trip to Dubai is never complete without a ride on a camel’s back.

2. Greenery in the Desert

Deserts are known for their sandy and dry landscape, so most people would think that there would be no plants thriving except for cacti and succulents. But lo and behold, as Dubai is home to some of the world’s most celebrated green spaces where nature and civilization meet.

Not convinced? Here are several green spaces that thrive within the desert city of Dubai:

● Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden

Although living in a highly modern city is a dream for many, you can’t deny that it can still be quite appealing to have somewhere you can escape to. Situated in the Dubailand district, the Dubai Miracle Garden is the perfect place to get just the right dose of nature amidst the city.

While it is human-made, the Miracle Garden is still among the most celebrated places in the UAE for nature-lovers. There, you’ll find many massive plant sculptures that come in the shape of an airplane (a real one), castle, and even Dubai’s famous landmark – the Burj Khalifa.

● Hatta


Hatta, an exclave located high in the Hajar Mountains, is another sight to behold when visiting Dubai. Only an hour’s drive east of the city, Hatta is a popular spot for locals who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of city living.

Aside from the restored Hatta Heritage Village that has been standing for centuries, the exclave is also famous for its turquoise-hued waters at the center of the rocky Hajar Mountains. It is highly recommended for nature trippers who are into kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

● The Green Planet

The Green Planet
Image Credit: Dxb Venues

Another popular green space you should visit when in Dubai is the Green Planet. This human-made biodome houses more than 3,000 species of flora and fauna, making it one of the UAE’s most intricate ecosystems ever to exist.

Described as an indoor rainforest, the Green Planet is a place where you can see many different species of plants and animals that are originally only found in other parts of the world, including South America. You can even get a rare Australian animal experience and meet with wallabies, goanna lizards, and even an Australian carpet python.

3. The Gold Souk

Gold Souk

Aside from the pale yellow of the desert sand and earthy colors of the famous green spaces mentioned above, you should also brace yourself with another tantalizing hue that makes Dubai a great place to visit: Gold Souk

The infamous Gold Souk is a traditional market catering to more than 380 traders of gold and jewels. Situated in the commercial business district in Deira, this market is home to traders who sell precious stones, gold, and silver. It is also where you can find the world’s largest gold ring that weighs nearly 64 kilograms.

And since it is located in Old Dubai, the Gold Souk in the Al Dhagaya locality provides a stark contrast of the newer cityscape on the other side of the emirate. What’s more interesting is that all the stores in the Gold Souk don’t require security guards to protect their products since theft is not a major concern in Dubai.

4. The Diverse Culture

Dubai City

As one of the cities that welcomes visitors from all around the world, Dubai also boasts an impressively diverse culture. With about 85 percent of its population comprising expats, the city brings cultural interaction to a whole new level that even cities like New York and London cannot compare to.

The best part is, it still manages to maintain its native flavors and colors, thereby, effectively creating a mix of traditions in the cosmopolitan city that has been nurtured since the time of the Bedouins.

5. Impressive World-Renowned Architecture

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This one is probably the most well-known among all the reasons why you must visit Dubai.

From being a barren desert, Dubai has risen into an icon of modernization in just a span of four decades. Today, the Dubai skyline is filled with skyscrapers of all shapes and sizes from the best architects the world has ever known. In fact, a simple drive down Shaikh Zayed Road can leave anyone in awe of the architectural wonders this place has to offer.

6. The Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa the Tallest Building

Speaking of architectural wonders, the Burj Khalifa is one more reason why Dubai is an excellent destination for travelers. Although it can be categorized under impressive architecture, it deserves to be an item on its own, considering the magnitude of its contribution to Dubai’s reputation and UAE tourism.

Known as the world’s tallest building at 800 meters tall, the Burj Khalifa can make your Dubai trip one of the most memorable there is. Not only are you going to be able to experience touching the sky without boarding an airplane here, but you would also be able to bask in the magnificent view of the beaches, deserts, and cityscape that makes Dubai great.

Dubai is more than just a city – it is a place where you can experience many different cultures and wonderful sights. Never run out of things to do in Dubai by considering the reasons why you must visit the city listed in this article.

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