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Popular Outdoor Family activities in Dubai

Although Dubai has the most popular places to visit, there are many places that you can enjoy with family. Because Dubai is the most visited place in the world and most demanding place. So, your trip is going to be most memorable and fantastic. Furthermore, there is a list of places to go for outdoor activities. So, explore a few of them. 

Going out with family means you have to visit a secure place. Because family is a great asset to life, we will tell you about the most popular outdoor family activities you can do in Dubai. Let’s get started without delaying it so much. 

Outdoor Family activities:

There is a massive list of unique places, but we will cover popular among them. Moreover, you can enjoy slots and activities. Let’s explore a few of them!

Dhow Cruise Dubai:

If you want to make a romantic night, take your partner on a Dhow cruise Dubai. Moreover, it’s a traditional cruise in Dubai. On your arrival, you will get a lot of soft drinks. After some time, you will enjoy a mouth-watering bar b q. later on, traditional dance will be presented on Dhow cruise Marina. Above all, you can arrange birthday parties and anniversary parties in Dhow Cruise Marina. 

Hot air Balloon:

There are many other activities that you can enjoy but never miss a chance to enjoy Hot Air Balloon in Dubai. It will be a great experience for you to enjoy this amazing place. Moreover, you can also enjoy an amazing view after getting into a hot air balloon. 

Above all, you will enjoy a top-level view of Desert Safari. So, what are you looking for? Get up and grab this fantastic opportunity. There are a lot of activities, but a hot air balloon is the most demanding of all. 

Have you heard about Desert Safari? If not, then keep reading. 

Dubai Desert Safari:

Desert Safari

Dubai Desert safari is the most fantastic place to visit with your family. Moreover, there are a lot of activities that one can do there. You can do dune bashing on a 4×4 SUV with your family. But keep precautionary measurements in your mind. 

Furthermore, there are unique activities for people who love sports. You can also enjoy the desert at night with your partner. You can make a lot of memories there. 

Have you ever seen a water taxi? Let’s explore it. 

Water Taxi:

Have you heard about water taxis? If not, then don’t worry. Dubai also has a water taxi that will give you a chance to enjoy a ride in a water taxi. Moreover, there will be unforgettable memories when you sit with your family. 

Moreover, you have never seen such a fantastic place on your trip. Although, you get a taxi to reach your destination. Now, you can take a water taxi to get rid of your exhausting day. Above all, you will never forget such a fantastic tour with your family. 

Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is a fantastic place to visit. Moreover, you must visit Burj Khalifa with your family. You can see the whole of Dubai from its 124th floor of Burj Khalifa. Furthermore, you can also go shopping with your loved ones. 

There are many shopping malls and restaurants in Burj Khalifa where you can do your shopping easily. So, what are you looking for? Don’t miss a chance to see Dubai from the top of Burj Khalifa. 

Palm Island:

Palm Island is a great place to visit. Moreover, it has many hotels and restaurants. Furthermore, you can get a fantastic dinner at night. Whenever you go to Palm island, you must see the Astoria hotel because it is the most amazing hotel. You will get mouth-watering food and other things. Above all, you can enjoy many other things there. 


In short, many other places in Dubai will give you a lot of activities. Moreover, I have discussed popular outdoor activities that you can do with your family without hesitation. Suppose you know other places as well. Comment below. So, we can research that topic as well.

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