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Go Beyond Infographics: How to Make a Bigger Impact with ‘Gifographics’

Infographics are illustrations that use graphic elements to relay information in an appealing manner while Giofographics merge GIF and Infographic to form a single medium. Gifographics utilize motion graphics of a GIF and the statistical structure of a basic Infographic to develop an appealing visual.

Many people in Dubai are embracing Gifographics as they have realized that there are more beneficial than normal Infographics. Gifographics gives you access to the instructional structure of Infographics and the video element of a GIF to create a visual from the best characters of both worlds.

How to Use Gifographics

Gifographics are flexible and can be used in almost all content marketing advertisements; however, they thrive in the following areas:

Content Repurposing

Gifographics enable you to give your old blog material new life and to increase traffic to your website. In case you don’t know how to create a GIF there are online platforms that guide people through the process. After creating the GIF, your blog post is converted into a Gifographic which increases traffic to your website.


Unlike Infographics which relay a single message at a time, Gifographics can combine multiple contents. This strategy makes your material unique and exciting. For example, you can create tutorials using GIFs; this makes the content appealing and captures the viewer’s attention until the end. Including Gifographics to the company’s newsletters can increase viewership and conversions. GIFs help the audience to visualize information; for example, Gifographics can be used to explain statistics.


To stay ahead of your competition, you need to make your content unique rather than sticking to old ways. A Gifographic markets your content in an engaging manner that captures the audience’s attention.

Why You Should Use Gifographics


Visual information is easy to retain compared to textual information; this means that Gifographics are the best medium to transmit data. Below are the benefits of using Gifographics:

Gifographics are Preferred for SEO

Gifographics are the most famous content to improve Search Engine Optimization. Consumers love Gifographics, and they can help you to gain authority and create quality content for your readers. Because of their popularity with the viewers, Gifographics could boost the traffic of your website, for example, content marketers who utilize images in their articles get more views compared to those who only use text.

Increased Content Sharing

Blog posts that include animated images get more shares compared to those with static content. When readers share your content, many people visit your website to see more and to keep updated. Readers share GIFs because they are the faster mediums of relaying messages without saying a lot. The more shares your content gets, the more influence you have on people. The viewers remember your content and brand and are more likely to visit your website frequently increasing the traffic on your site.

Engage Readers

Gifographics engage readers by providing information by breaking it into small bits that relevant to the consumers. They make avail information that people might look over if they had to read.

Save Time

When Infographics were introduced, their purpose was to inform without including long texts. Infographics replaced writing, and they were used to deliver information using images. However, with all the color and exciting images, people are required to read. Gifographics, on the other hand, save time because they relay information in the form of a short animated video.

GIFs direct a viewer’s attention from one spot to the next. This together with motion pictures enables the effortless transition of fundamental points, which drew the viewer to your content.

Available on Mobile Phones and Other Devices

Gifographics, as well as Infographics, are created in portrait form, which means that a viewer does not require a computer to gain access. People with Smartphones, iPads, and Tablets can easily view Gifographics because they are designed in the same layout. These devices not only make viewing easy but they also make sharing effortless through text messages, and social media platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram.

Encourage Learning

To attract more viewers to your website, you need to create interesting Giphographics because people view GIFs based on the information it gives. GIFs can include texts and animated images. The best way to ensure that your message is understood is by keeping the Gifographics brief and precise. Relay the information in a few words so as not to bore the viewer.

There is no doubt that Infographics, videos, and blogs posts are essential platforms that deliver quality content; however, Gifographics attract more attention. This is because Gifographics combine the best parts of visual content and text to come up with interesting content. Gifographics attract viewers by providing a fresh outlook to content. To increase the traffic on your website don’t just include GIFs; make them impressive and engage the viewer to encourage sharing and retention of readers.

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